Introduction to the Dutch Defence for beginner & improving chess players

I have been playing the Classical Dutch as black against 1 d4 for a few months and have had decent results. The Dutch Defence is a good way for black to get early initiative against 1 d4, and presents fun attacking opportunities usually on the king’s side of the board.

(Please ignore the rogue annotation around 4m 10s!! It was left over from a previous recording.)

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  1. Thank God.Was searching for a Dutch vedio which didn't blast me with 28 move analysis.Great work.Keep it up I am rated 1300 and pushing towards 1600.This vedio was very useful. THANKS!

  2. Was looking at this today, and some black opening videos, good to see you doing it.

  3. You deserve WAYYY more subs
    Keep up the great content

  4. Watching a year later…your content is top notch sir

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