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  1. You are saying shit that you dont believe yourself

  2. Next we need Gotham chess to play 5d chess with multiverse time travel
    And a mittens bossfight in that game

  3. Never bully a low ELO peple or u die to a Mittens

  4. Levy is famous for shouting the rook and it’s hilarious to see his reaction to Mittens trapping but not taking it during both games.

  5. 17:06 LOL this bot is like a spider. It secures its meals and saves them for later.

  6. mittens is smarter than the hint button😅

  7. Bro in the end you could take with the second queen the rook and it is checkmate because the other queen was targeting the only escaping square for the king

  8. Conspiracy theory: Mittens was the prerelease of Torch.

  9. No one’s going to talk about how GothamChess was referencing BFDI the entire time?

  10. Mittens: leave the world after 1 month
    Me: Wish we could turn back time
    To the good old days.

  11. I literally thought that it's gonna be easy but he fr defeated me in one shot

  12. I just played mittens. Started playing 8 days ago but been watching videos and playing bots an average of 4 hrs a day. I totally thought I was just going to get warmed up and impose my will. (Spank that kitty.) I played pretty good for me an 83.7 accuracy, several good moves a great move and just one blunder. I'm tender vittles.

  13. Who's here after he drew Mittens on his own and saved humanity?

  14. You playing checkers. Mittens is playing chess

  15. The comment from mitten ;
    "The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long."

    "You are smart and because of that you will die faster."

  16. I played against him and he hit instantly a brilliant move

  17. As he checkmated you the second time I said “nope, mate” as you moved

  18. Yup just played this cat. Thought it was a practice game. Didn’t know id be fighting for my life.

  19. I played mittens my first time and played a move so powerful that mittens froze up and couldn’t make a move


  21. My father has a chess app with EVIL wins at high difficulty bots, im pretty sure it could beat it

  22. 7:22 Most people just don't survive until next voicelines

  23. "When in doubt, revert to your inner 100 elo self to confuse the enemy"
    -Sun Tzu, probably

  24. I played her in chess and she said “A lion roars when a desert enrages it. Hehehe.” Who in the right process would say such a thing?

  25. That’s not how elo, it’s his rank, bro is no.1😭🔥‼️🙏

  26. you missed en passent …. i am unsubscribing

  27. 5:06 at least Mittens doing correct Castling there (I'm looking at you, ChatGPT.)

  28. I just got into chess a few days ago. Mittens was the very first bot i ever tried my wings against, thinking it was the easiest available..
    Glad I've found Martin to pick on.

  29. Mittens looks like el gato is mittens el gato?

  30. I tried a match thinking its like Martin, i was close to checkmate at end game… he beaten me!

  31. Last time I tried playing with that stupid cat, I don't understand why it won

  32. I missed en passant im so mad at my self i miss the RAREST move in chess

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