I’m the world’s smartest chess player

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  1. The other shouldn’t have taken the bishop he should have put his rook at f5 attacking the knight

  2. Bro i dare you to play against Praggnanandhaa

  3. Bro that’s the funniest shit ever🤣

  4. Wait this isn't a high level chess tournament and those were both terrible moves 😂

  5. "Grandmasters of the game"
    Shows Levy (oof) and botez

  6. Conner and him definitely had a earpiece to talk to each other

  7. The Chess grandmasters his talking about : andrea botez and levy 😭😭

  8. That's just cause Lud and Connor are on the same elo while Levy probably was seeing 10 moves down the line already.

  9. It's all fun and games until levy comes out with DA RUUUKH!!

  10. The fact that none of the people he told of are actually GM is pretty HILARIOUS 😂😂😂

  11. Btw he didnt have to take it he couldve just took the rook with the knight and if quenn takes pushes pawn

  12. Ludwin would have spelled his name right.

  13. “I accidentally made the smartest chess move, and you won’t guess how.”

  14. bruhh what elo are those guy? if he doesnt take the bishop you just waste a move

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