I Was Shocked When I Realized This Kid’s REAL Rating…

This was Round 3 of a blitz tournament I played in Menorca, Spain. Hope you enjoy the video!!

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(Affiliate link, purchases made through this link may generate revenue for Anna)

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  1. This new songs makes the games so intense

  2. i'm really impressed with the children that I see on YouTube. I love the one with the creator of Chessley and this little boy is one of my most favorite Youtube's and these kids are so wonderful. They're so well-behaved they're so sweet… I don't play chess. I want to. I've listened to Bobby Fisher's biographies. I've loved them when I was younger. I love looking for Bobby Fisher. The film and I love the Magnus documentary. I have a copy of that.

  3. Did you end with the fella playing The Cow with black? He at least went e6 and d6.

  4. He had no hesitation in sitting down opposite her. He was very confident.

  5. Love this format. Keep them coming and get better!

  6. Another great video. Confession to make. I love this channel! Okay, yes you’re beautiful! Umm, I was never taught chess. But I’m a lifelong professional musician and there are odd parallels that connect in a strange way that I connect to. A highly learned skill that when improvised is like whack a mole in your mind. In other words. I can see the joy you derive from it.

  7. The way he demonstratively stopped the clock with 2 seconds left to avoid flagging in a losing position was awesome! Kid will go a long way!

    The final position was a mate in 14 btw

  8. Vaya… niños, de verdad, estos días ya no se pueden subestimar…

  9. That was fun to watch! Tell me Anna, what if he had taken your pawn with his queen?

  10. I think when I was 10 years old I was still working on my strategy of tying my shoes.
    Really fun and impressive. You could almost see the wheels turning in his head.

  11. me agrado el final, ya me parecia raro verte tan seria en toda la partirda. un video sin la sonrisa de Anna no es un vídeo de Anna

  12. at 0:40 the guy in the green shirt sees Anna, sees the camera… he knows what's up.

  13. He looked at you 4:23 Anna. At a single point you can go from one step ahead to one behind !

  14. I look at it this way. Anyone playing would have to have the thinking of winning a few to many games. A person would have to have, I would believe, some high rating to be in the tournament. Another thing playing a young person like him, they would result in random moves than stay to a single or two type of moves. Hope you better on your cold or virus.

  15. Have been missing your videos. Hope you feel better soon!

  16. A difficult game for you but shows how tough the competition is and no one should be under estimated. Hope you get well soon ❤

  17. Yes, please show more games from this tournament … your commentary is great! 😉

  18. Ana I like your game, however You are quite often vulnerable to attack with knight in si many games with Magnus

  19. Get well and enjoy your well-deserved win. That kid is sooo cute and a good sport, too.

  20. I'd argue that at a chess tournament, a 10yo Indian kid is FAR scarier than a random adult lol

  21. -It is a chess game! you can not almost have a heard attack after a chess game!
    *the chess game*

  22. Seems like a really great kid. Anna hope you get better soon. Nearly 1M let’s gooooo!

  23. Learn to speak proper English….painful to listen. Not sexy like Botez bitches either. Stay away from them

  24. I hope one day we will see a 15 year old world champion 😂

  25. Anna, will you play Faustino Oro anytime soon?

  26. 7:16 why can’t black push pawn to e4 pinning queen to king?

  27. Kind advice. Stop naming young opponents just ”a kid” or the ”10-year old” or similar. Please mention their names also. They are competing against you and will be in the records and in these videos for the future. It will be more respectful.

  28. Get well soon Anna cramling. Always blissful and happy. May god bless you.

  29. Sweet Anna, don't make us worry about you. Please sip hot lemon water with honey and go to bed . You are working too hard. Love from all of us in our house.👍👨‍👩‍👦

  30. Good sport. That's a great sign for his age.

  31. My voice sounds a bit different this video cause I'm sick ❤ take care everyone and hope you enjoy the game!!!

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