I Was SHOCKED When I Heard This 10-Year-Old’s Rating…

I’M BACK!! This video was filmed while being in NYC. I played a SUPER STRONG 10 year-old, who is actually one of the best in the USA for his age. Watch out for underrated kids people…hope you enjoy the video!!! 😀

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  1. MashAllah, Young brother Yusuf played so well.

  2. I've watched you take apart quite a few older guys who thought they gad the making of you,,,, this young man is the only one I've seen who's slowed you down and made you think,,,, then beat you

  3. That Takeback he gave, is not an act of kindness, i repeat, it is NOT.

    That is one hell of a CONFIDENCE. He knew he would still win it no matter what. Great future lies ahead of this young YUSUF !

    Way to go boy !!!

  4. Never seen anybody else, that is so damn positiv losin'…😂

  5. In a way he is like your mom, in the end game attacks with everything 😅😅

  6. Good job Yusuf! will be cheering you on in the future.

  7. Mark his Name sister!!

    You will be happy in the Future, that you hade a battle with Yusuf….

    And if you Are playing a kid Like 10-12 years old in such competition.. god bevare you…

    Better run, run, run away…😂

    No chance against this beast (misterkind)


  9. When u see a young chess player on adult group, get the fuck out of there, runnnnnnnnnnn! Btw he also gave u a second chance which shows that he is also raised right <3 GG young Gentleman & Future ww Champ

  10. Remember, if you see a kid in a chess room, run I repeat run

  11. Anna Cramling: How old are you
    Yusuf: 10
    Anna Cramling: Awesome and do you have like… what's your rating?
    Yusuf: 2000
    Me: OMG What? 😨

    My USCF for Blitz and Quick are 1200

    Anna Cramling: How long have you been playing?
    Yusuf: Like 4 years?


  12. ươ that kids issssssssssssss soooooooooooooooo smartttttttttttttttttt

  13. the take back showed huge sportsmanship. seems it wasn't about winning for him, it was about playing on that leading edge of chess, where both players play there best moves and to take it to the end, that's real winning or even if you lose doing that you still have the satisfaction of knowing the game was the best challenge and that's exciting. good lad

  14. Brooo…his style of playing is so fierce, he was giving no time to even breathe…what a dynamic player, immense potential

    And how, all his pieces were so at the right place at every move… amazing shit, man

  15. He is probably Turkish. As bayraklarııı 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  16. me with a chess clock makes 5 moves and forgets to press the chess clock to stop the timer

  17. Children's r more way smarter than adults sometimes

  18. What a good game!! Good boy yousef🤩🔥💗

  19. "What's your name?"
    "Yusuf. YuSuffer, girl

  20. I find it endearing to find a mother & daughter with the same smile . It is even more special when they have like minds

  21. The fact of how this kid used to go my old school is crazy and now here he is

  22. Din kanal dök upp här av någon anledning. Sen ser jag att du verkar vara Svensk med 🙂 Det var länge sedan man spela schack nu 🙂

  23. dude was calm and polite..whatta great kid

  24. When you see a child in a professional chess game,

    Just run

  25. Crazy thing is, hes my classmate, and the ela teacher was shocked

  26. 애를 이길 수는 없어… 채널 삭제하고 넘어가세요…

  27. The kids are so strong these days, spooky stuff

  28. aint no way this kids rated 2000 at ten in 4 years. He is magnus on steriods

  29. He will most probably be the next great grandmaster of chess

  30. The first secods would make a viral ig reel

  31. 4min 42sec..'I thought that was a Rook'…oh Anna try using that at the World Championships…

  32. You got beat twice in that game. By the lad.
    He shook you up. Why you made the mistake during the game.

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