I Trained Like A Chess Grandmaster

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Want to get into chess? Check out everyone featured in the video:
Levy Rozman (Gotham Chess) ►
Anna Rudolf (Anna_Chess) ►
Anna Cramling ►
Hikaru Nakamura (GMHikaru) ►
Alexandra and Andrea Botez (BotezLive) ►

Special thanks to Danny Rensch and Chess.com for making this episode possible!

Directed by Garrett Kennell ► ​
Edited by Silas Orteza ► ​
Director of Photography – Eric Lombart
Camera Operator – Nate Cornett
Assistant Editor – Madeline Puzzo ► ​
Castlemania Merch Designs – Derek Rudy ►


  1. 32:02 I know I've made a lot of comment on this, but wth is king to b3? it's an obvious move for pawn forward, so he can't stop it, if he had instead done king to c3, then knight to b3, he could've stopped the pawn and protected the knight from the rook moving in, stockfish probably cried its eyes out

  2. Came back cus I hit 1000 on blitz… finally!!!!!

  3. its a game of chess, tf you cryin for lmfaooo 💀

  4. Wow! The production and editing are amazing!! This felt like a movie!! Loved everything about this Michelle!! Just wow!! Thanks for this!!

  5. I feel like this video is basically a super quick chess tutorial, along with a challenge accepted

  6. Btw another thing about chess its all about luck and what tactic they do

  7. Actually thought this would be just another videos where really fast in learning chess , didnt thought that I'd be emotional while watching this video, I am 988 and really want to reach 1000 but instead I am back to 955, I am really sad and this video made me more motivated to practice more. So Thank You for this great content😘

  8. I also hate losing in chess because its makes me feel like im not smart enough

  9. Wow this video is so well put together. Really felt like you were the protagonist in a movie finding the masters and going on your training arc lol

  10. Levy:*Puts on blindfold
    Levy in his head: Its pre-move time

  11. michelle what is the website that you playd

  12. This is a piece of inspiration! I watched this 7 times 😂

  13. Saw tubbo in the intro and instantly said yep I’m gonna finish the video

  14. lol, starting to play chess and getting recommended the sicilian is like having the first driving lesson in a formula 1 car – kind of disappointed there by anna

  15. You lose a whooooole lot before you start winning lol

  16. you know someone's a chess master when there's a photo of them as a kid holding a trophy bigger than they are

  17. the bishop had a house…. and it was cute….

    poor soul…. no idea that its usually used as a sacrifice in the LUNDUUUNNN

  18. Hikaru Says: I'm a machine, I come from the future…

  19. Shmuel PASHUT JABOTINSKY הכהן Herenstein says:

    lol the botez gambit.. girls

  20. Michelle, you’re amazing!! Your perseverance is inspiring and your enthusiasm is infectious!! Congrats on your 1003, incredible 🙂

  21. Top chess players, shows mediocre streamers and Hikaru. 🤣

  22. It took me 5 days to reach 1000 elo at rapid, lmao.

  23. Great video ! Loved to watch it 😄
    French support 🇨🇵!

  24. Playing chess with theory is low IQ and defeats the ENTIER purpose of the “game”

  25. For me,if my opponent plays d4,I play e4(Englund gambit),
    When I'm white I play scottish gambit,Piano opening I can't remember the name,sometimes I play Fried Liver but I try to avoid playing it because I've not studied it completely yet

  26. U now me watching this I am not understanding anything what’s this ?

  27. Great job girly, job well done. What doesn't kill u will make u stranger

  28. 96.8% accuracy? Well I guess it's not much fun playing against KING.exe lol

  29. Hey, I just wanna say this throughout your journey anyone can be mentally distressed and you can do that chess – it isn't about that, giving your enemy a chance is not a good idea.

  30. Defending and attacking is my strategy for opening and I don't care what move I do as long as I analyse where the pieces go

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