I Trained Like A Chess Grandmaster

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Want to get into chess? Check out everyone featured in the video:
Levy Rozman (Gotham Chess) ►
Anna Rudolf (Anna_Chess) ►
Anna Cramling ►
Hikaru Nakamura (GMHikaru) ►
Alexandra and Andrea Botez (BotezLive) ►

Special thanks to Danny Rensch and Chess.com for making this episode possible!

Directed by Garrett Kennell ► ​
Edited by Silas Orteza ► ​
Director of Photography – Eric Lombart
Camera Operator – Nate Cornett
Assistant Editor – Madeline Puzzo ► ​
Castlemania Merch Designs – Derek Rudy ►


  1. Now this is something to be proud of as opposed to drill sgts, something to be ashamed about. Search Nick Turse

  2. I won my the game that got me to 1200 with Castle Mania!😁

  3. Am I the only one who thinks 8 months of work to get to 1000 is pretty average?

  4. 11:38 This is a chess tactic I typically start off with whenever I play at home or with friends. And as a beginner chess player I never knew that had a name to it, or knew how to better execute it. Thank you!!

  5. i would bet everything that i have that my 13 years old brother would beat her in less than 40 moves (sorry).

  6. how do u need 8 months to reach 1000 rating 💀💀

  7. did anyone else have a chess ad before the video started-?

  8. 2:59 Sorry Grandmaster, it is not about the result. The result comes as it always is. The result is the same depending on your strategy you take during the match.

  9. Anna is such a kind hearted woman taking her time to teach you chess, and be at your said. Michelle. Levy's earnest commentary and his faith in you is something to really appreciate. This was amazing seeing how you really wanted to get to 1,000 rating. God bless you Michelle

  10. First time watching a “I trained like” video from you, and it’s great! I think I like the academy videos better though.

  11. I haven't watched a Michelle video in a while, but it seems she's really leveled up, from her presentation to the production quality, to the editing. Good stuff.

  12. I don't know if I have the attenttion span to learn how to play chess. I would like to learn to play poker but it's too complicated.

  13. castlemania has a name called the ladder checkmate tho

  14. It took you eight months to reach 1000? isn't anybody else concerned with the fact that it took her eight fucking months? this video is nothing more than selling emotions to a population that is emotionally unstable enough and depraved enough to buy it. truly shameful.

  15. As a chess player, I can say it's so easy to learn yet so hard to master

  16. Title: I trained like a chess grandmaster
    the sin x and dy/dx on the thumbnail:💀💀

  17. Ratio+el bozo skill issue jk 👍

  18. I've watched this over and over and this never fails to amaze me but I always scream "TUBBOOOOO" When the match with Tubbo come's up

  19. first 5 minutes in and this is the best coaching video ive seen for all of pogchamps lol shame im so late

  20. Okay, but here’s a tip Michelle!
    As a beginner or an intermediate (200-1600) it’s important to study mid games, endgames more than openings. There’s a 20/40/40 rules. 20 percent for openings, 40 percent for midgames, 40 percent for endgames

  21. Hikaru looking majestic with that wallpaper in the background.

  22. To make you even more proud, it took me 2 years to reach 1000 rating hehe

  23. May I suggest the next episode of challenge accepted: Michelle trains to be a concert pianist? 🤔

  24. * "One of the ( BEST ) chess videos on YouTube ! !" * "Michelle Khare" could become an excellent chess player… * I hope and wish…, that "Michelle Khare" would return to playing chess… "Michelle" is…, bright, intelligent and attractive… " Semper Fi " Mike in Montana P.S.: Excellent video and very informative, and ( thank you ) for sharing the video… 🙂

  25. Was neeko using enjine?.coz being 800 elo she got a standard london system on board

  26. I thought that rooks on the seventh rank were called "pigs on the seventh"

  27. Michelle i think i can win against you.

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