I Played the Biggest Chess Streamer of Italy || Best of 5 Rapid Match

WHAT A RIDE! I hope you enjoy this amazing collab with @Alessia_Santeramo


Thanks for watching – I hope you enjoyed! Let me know how I can improve my channel with a suggestion down below, I’m always trying to improve 🙂

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  1. This was an insane match! You need a FIDE title 🙏

  2. Love the video Zach, auto sub within first minute

  3. Try to find a game with Polish streamer Bartosh pls

  4. 15:40 "o she can defend the bishop ohh" we've all been there. 😢

  5. The last game was really disappointing. 38:36 you should've captured h8. After white bishop takes f6, your queen moves to f8, threatening the bishop on f7 and a pin on the white queen with bishop b4, which she probably wouldn't have seen. The other time you sacked a bishop at, was it 15:40? "Oh she can defend the bishop ohh", I would've attacked the queen with the bishop instead, threatening to capture the king's weak f2 pawn and probably win a rook. Overall, I love your videos a lot. Great work bro

  6. Happy to see you having fun with other streamers.

  7. 23:56 queen d7, knight h3, queen h3, peon f5, peon f4, peon f3, knight f5, knight h4, heckmed

  8. Really looking forward to seeing this vid!!

  9. Zack I search all day and I can't find videos like urs
    Put u dont post too much 😩
    Plz make this videos when u say what think and explain movement

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