I Played Magnus Carlsen

I played against Magnus Carlsen (current world chess champion) at the Retiro Park in Madrid, Spain! This was the game, hope you enjoy 🙂

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0:00-0:21 Intro
0:21-6:34 Game against Magnus

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  1. So this is the Michael Jordan of chess 😅

  2. Legend says that she let him win to hear "hi chat"

  3. Can anybody tell me if at 3:58 in that if she moves her knight to d7, would it have been a good move to fork a rook king and bishop coz she didnt do it… thanks

  4. Is it me or when she does the : Uuumm???? Huhh!!!! Everytime. I cant unsee minecraft 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. How she couldn't spot the fork of king and rook. He even told her to look for tactics. She could've won !!!

  6. I believe that Cramling plays better than Botez for the most part. She puts more thought into her moves. But yeah still not a match for the current world champion! Good effort though!

  7. Why she did not move Ke2 its wins a ROOK (on c1), Can any one tell why she doesn't do that or she just missed it?

  8. That she didnt play horse c2 tilts me so hard 😂

  9. i played magnus carlsen on 2007 on icc app

  10. Can someone explain, at 4:20 in the video, why didn't Anna play Knight to K7 check, forking the rook and the bishop?

  11. It was fun to see Magnus surprised a few times! Once he decided you had the skillz, he totally changed; you could see it in his face. He set a trap for several of your pieces all the while somehow managing to get into a winning position with significantly less advantage in pieces. Super fun to watch! I bet it feels good just to have SURPRISED him!

  12. Not an expert by any means, but at the 4:00 mark could she have checked him with her knight threatening the back rook as well and forcing his rook to take her knight then her rook takes back rook for the check? I was amazed I saw it and she didn't so I'm probably just missing something

  13. He said “I’m going to win on time” while having less time

  14. who wouldve known magnus was a women beater. two bishop check mate

  15. I want to know, does Magus never get bored of playing chess? It's all he seems to do!

  16. At 4:43 you violated touch-move rule. You touched your knight on D1 and didn't played a move with it, Magnus saw it and pretended he didn't. What a gentlemen, but chess rules apply equally in the park and on the world championship. I am pretty sure you were aware of that and still continued playing… Yeah, i know… you were playing for fun… but still… you get the point. That reminded me of game Polgar vs. Kasparov. Just sayin 🙂 Otherwise, i like your channel. Greetings from Croatia.

  17. You tried to distract him but it didn’t work 👙

  18. I want to go there. To meet Magnus and ask him to teach me a litle bit how to win chess…

  19. She put a good battle, I salute you beautiful warrior😁

  20. Anna, at 4:23 your knight on c3 could you have forked the king with the rook on c1? If not could you please say why ❤️

  21. She missed the winning chance and saying just toooooo hard!!!!!

  22. Todos sabemos que esos halagos son falsos vaya 😂 , no hay quién se crea eso jajaja

  23. Was there a knight fork around 4mins, forking king and rook? I’m not a great chess player- it looks obvious to me so I’m sure I’m missing something!

  24. u can rlly see the levels to this 😭😭 shii not even close lmaoo

  25. Her reputation may have preceded her. So, he wanted to give her a shot. She definitely impressed him. Kudos.

  26. Carlsen es como messi, imposible que te caiga mal

  27. did he invite you on a date?? i would have 🙂

  28. Very cool. Like playing basketball with Michael Jordan which I actually did.

  29. Anna is such a terrific chess player she doesn’t even have to set her purse down. and i absolutely love her laugh.

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