I Played Magnus Carlsen In Real Life

In this video, I play Magnus Carlsen at the opening ceremony of the Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis. Big thank you to the Saint Louis Chess Club and The Grand Chess Tour for letting participate in the simul and take on the greatest chess player of all time!
Stayed tuned for the full analysis of the game!
Watch the Sinquefield Cup games live:

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Edited by @Jonathan Schrantz

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  1. 4:36 The guy talking on the mic says "Chess speaks for.." but the mic cuts out and if you look at Magnus he grins. Whoever had the power to the mic was fast lol

  2. Instead of queen trading I think he should have pushed the pond

  3. Shouldn't you waith to move untll the opposing player is at your board>

  4. What are you writing down, and how does it help?

  5. Has there ever been an event similar to this but the ones standing rotate every move? Every move they will take the next person's board

  6. Man, seeing Magnus just stand there feel scary almost, like you can see him bend his intellect towards you XD

    Anyway, I'm happy I've seen enough chess videos now that despite never having played chess I've started to understand some precarious positions and plays, and even make some predictions.

  7. hans is such a guilty kid, hopefully he gets over it and realizes his errors.

  8. Hans made me laugh “chess speaks for its self”

  9. 0:50 Hans Niemann in the background there, before he was famous.

  10. bro made him sweat, thats impossible🕶

  11. Its crazy how hes playing like 3 people at one time

  12. What is this game called?
    I know this is Chess, but why is he moving here and there?? What's the name of the arena, rule?

  13. Did yall notice that he writes with his left hand

  14. Does it make anyone else angry that all these players are asking for autographs mid-match. How rude can you possibly be?

  15. it's fascinating how eric looks so stressed already yet magnus is just walking around smiling and playing multiple games😂

  16. "thats because its only the highlights on youtube" lol

  17. Hans in the background, doing the speaking 😂

  18. Magnus looks so casual, he plays his moves like he's just throwing some trash out of his pocket while walking by

  19. Don't feel bad Eric. You lost to an android 😂

  20. Does Magnus get a cut of the proceeds of this video? He absolutely should.

  21. You did great, half way thro you moved from exchanging to a shot behind right before he forced you to eat his queen and lose yours

  22. Magnus has that clear villain smile on him while he's walking around

  23. Kinda weird that they let people hound Magnus for autographs while he's playing chess. I mean, at least half that stuff will be on ebay in an hour, right?

  24. 5:35 "sometimes you win sometimes you lose, but chess is always speaking " MAGNUS: O….Kay………

  25. „You play real good on Youtube“
    „Thats because its only the highlights that are on Youtube“
    Daaamn he didnt had to do him like that 😂

  26. He just walks by, relaxed af, insta moves a piece and continues to walk away like some ancient kung fu master
    I'm no chess player but my mind was going "OMG HE LEANED FORWARD, HE LEANED FORWARD"

  27. NIeman is vibrating in the back. Playing three at once must be stimulating. And he walks so activated, lovin the game and all.

  28. The fact that He is facing 5 contenders at the same time without hesitation breaks my confidence into pieces ⚰️🙏

  29. Do you feel that Magnus is a modern version of Karpov ? I greatly doubt that he would beat Fischer at his best in a long match if Fischer had a year or 2 to study with computers…

  30. Bro when you see magnus smiling you know its done

  31. 10:10 dude magnus is playing 3 players and also keeps up with the games next to him xD

  32. Playing against Magnus is being hypnotised. The moves that he makes seems to be obvious but at the same you feel that can’t do nothing about it.😅

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