I Played Extreme Chess in Minecraft

I Played Extreme Chess in Minecraft

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  1. Boosfer : regular chess is boring


  2. 1: I love how boosfer is just casually beating the game while in a chess match and 2: is this dude seriously using a WOODEN PICKAXE TO FLIPPIN GET WOOD?!?! (13:05)

  3. that's impresive how fast can u make someone click of a video

  4. Clownpierce vs Magnus Carlsen
    It could be clownpierce killing magnus until the timer runs out or magnus checkmating him in just a few moves

  5. If only Rekrap knew the Ballistic Missile Gambit, he could've won.

  6. Ah yes, the boosfer gambit with the moaning opening, a classic beginning with many variations

  7. My favorite games are Minecraft and chess this video was perfect

  8. Pov: teacher said to play chess on school computer

  9. "The first death on the server" You killing him at the beginning

  10. What if you just mined the obsidian and then trapped the chess board

  11. When you described what happens when someone dies was not the first death

  12. Hey so what is the mod that you use for the timer ?

  13. Seeing through the ground, tell me that’s not cheating

  14. Rekrap: (tames dogs)

    Boosfer: Did he just tame a horse?


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