I Played Chess Hustlers in Union Square Park

While on her NYC vacation Alexandra visited Union Square Park to play the chess hustlers! This is one of many games from that day. She also played the most famous hustler, “Russian Paul”. Drop a like and make sure to subscribe/turn on notifications to not miss when that video is up!
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  1. 18M views to watch a Hot Girl owning a homeless dude at chess!!

  2. You do not respect your sport because you wear rude clothes

  3. pobre negro , dice al final ,para perder he nacido ,, ja ja ja j,,,pero bien que se ganan su platika jugando en la calle ,,,

  4. I never eyed on the chess board but on the queen.

  5. And son that's how I met your father

  6. Do not touch your mouth after touching the game pieces omg

  7. I seriously thought the entire video she had one of those microphones stuck to her cheek

  8. Okay I’m in love, humor, beautiful, great family connection and plays chess in a dress! This is the type of woman I’d love to see the world with

  9. If ye look carefully, ye will see that there is a chess board in this video.

  10. I never saw in my life a girl to play chess like this…..

  11. I think that blue chess piece is intentional and meant to try to distract you from thinking about the game. I don't know maybe im wrong but but if it's the case then that's genius.

  12. I know this dude! Played against him and another his friend, I couldn’t win this dude, but I was able to win his friend 3 times!

  13. Hi, I'm Argentine…. why are the subtitles only available in English and not in Spanish? can't you configure it? Thank you .. do you want me to sing you a Romanian song or a Jim Morrison song? huh?? eh??

  14. Did anyone watch Botez and not the game?😅😅😍

  15. Beauty with brains❤️🤩🦹..loved your gameplay queen

  16. You are so gorgeous ❤️❤️and talented at the same time,,,,,Love from INDIA❤️❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳

  17. was she playing the london system or something else?

  18. I pass by Union Square at times! Let me know the next time you pass and we might have a great game of Chess! 😀

  19. The girl is cheating enemies wearing bold outfits 😅😅

  20. Few of the sexiest things a woman can do is learn how to play chess and drive a stick shift 💯❤️

  21. Love how the dude kept double clicking the timer lol

  22. this is exactly what’s wrong with america smart young beautiful white girl taking advantage of broke old black mans , said the woke leftist 😂

  23. the "my feelings are hurt" gave me mike tyson "my back is broken" vibes hahah

  24. alex is so classy, i love her, i just love her energy tho.. i played chess a lot when i was a child, i remember this game with so much love tbh

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  26. And then he accidentally dropped his knight only to see a nightingale🤣

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