I Played Beth Harmon 7 Times

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The Queens Gambit craze is wild in chess right now. So Chess.com put together a bot – the Elizabeth Harmon bot – which has 7 versions.

0:00 Introduction + Article
2:20 BETH AGE 8
4:55 BETH AGE 9
8:55 BETH AGE 10
13:07 BETH AGE 15
17:50 BETH AGE 17
21:30 BETH AGE 20


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  1. Only time women are good in chess is in fiction.

  2. You inspired me to play. I made an account, challenged 3 bots and 1 person and got absolutely spit roasted each time. 9/10

  3. Ik my comment is late but at 4:27 when u said the knight is pinned protecting the bishop from it's moves why wouldn't the king take the bishop after it's placed diagonally from it? I'm a beginner and trying to learn, any answers would probably help me lol

  4. At move 42 you could've played nf3 .If the bot takes bishop or rook, both
    ways it is trouble

  5. Gotham: the real Beth Harmon would never talk trash after losing a queen

    Also Beth Harmon after losing a queen: you cock sucker.

  6. I got my first ever chess ad when I clicked on the video

  7. Great fun, the bots are cool. We need a Gotham through the years bot.

  8. Beth was so focused on trash talking that she lost.

  9. 42:49 Gotham: I have no idea (3)
    Beth:Silent as a cricket thinking "yess!"

  10. I wanna see what would happen if two AI bots play against each other

  11. levi under-utilized the knights at the end

  12. Ζαχαρίας Δημητρουλάκης says:

    What happens if after white Qf8, black plays Qb5 ? It is guarding the draw check of white Qf5+, attacking the white pawn on the b file and maintains the threat of black pawn takes knight on f3. After Qb5…(?), black wants exf3, Qxf3…Qxb6 and the white queen can't defend the bishop on g1. This line avoids the checks on black king that would be inevitable if black responded to white Qf8 with Qf1 (threatens mate in 2). Ofc this could all be wrong as I am a complete novice (didn't use pc though).

  13. Beth: let's create a masterpiece together
    Gotham: nah I'm just here to win

  14. Speaking of bots.. i beat a 1100 elo bot as a 520 elo player. I mean. I watch GothamChess alot but.. bots are stubid.

  15. Have you ever heard of the chess manoeuvre called Penny Trading? Odd name at first, I know, but once you know what it is, it's very obvious.

  16. I don’t know shit about chess why am I so into this. I don’t who Beth is either. How did I get here.

  17. The title for Beth ultimate should be have been "Beth's FINAL FORM!"

  18. Since when did Beth become the Connor mcgreggor of chess

  19. 40:37 if beth took the pawn instead of pushing that one u get knight G5 hitting the queen and threatening mate

  20. 33:07 super noob here. Why is the knight trapped? It can go to F5, can't it?

  21. 46:02 I had though about that and was panicked but then got excited because I noticed it and Levy hadn’t.

  22. 12:02 it doesn't mean much and i am probably wrong but you could have had checkmate if you moved the queen to d7 instead of the bishop

  23. At the final level you had a few clean checkmate moves

  24. You are clearly just a neurotic nerd, no class addressing a lady. Loser!

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