I Played A Different Chess Bot EVERY MOVE

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  1. By far my favorite video yet, I was holding my breath, definitely try again but maybe less bots

  2. You should try this again and add a lifeline option where you can sub in martin for one of their moves or stockfish for one of yours

  3. All the problems started when you "liked the idea of trading" and played a move which didn't even guarantee a trade.

  4. loved the video, but the Eval bar is kinda cheating

  5. 24:20 i wouldhave played d8 to check the king and depending on what he does you can go back or check him more often to get to weaker bots

  6. 18:08 Bots played: 277. Did I fall asleep or something?

    21:22 "The only thing I can hope for …" Nelson breaks his rule of never playing Hope Chess.

    28:17 He made it to Isabel. If I don't blunder, I usually can beat her (it?).

    From Andy Soltis's _Chess To Enjoy_: "There was an added twist to this at the European team championship in 1961. It was held at Oberhausen in West Germany, and one of the writers of a Czechoslovakia chess magazine recruited players, captains, trainers, spectators|just about anyone around|to contribute a move to the game. Each person was shown the current position and asked for the best move."

  7. At 11:50 Anna didn’t take the pawn(b2 pawn) because there might have been a threat of trapping the queen

  8. Haven't finished the video yet, but what if you get to Marin but then there's a mate in 1 and you instantly lose because of the one thing Martin is good at lol

  9. Wow, your vidео ideas are really very interesting and informative!!!

  10. Next time I suggest using a random number generator to choose which bot gets to make a move

  11. Hi Nelson, I have another idea for you: Try to play against the strongest bot with three jokers. You can apply each joker whenever you want, but only once, and only one at a time:

    1. The Martin joker: You are allowed to let the Martin bot do a single move
    2. The Take Back joker: You are allowed to take one move back
    3. The Two Moves joker: You are allowed to make two consecutive moves at once.

    Maybe for joker 3 some extra rules must be applied to not make it too easy: When doing two consecutive moves, you are not allowed to take a piece, to give a check or checkmate, or to promote a pawn…

  12. This was really cool! Would like to see another crack at it.

  13. This makes me imagine a tough battle, holding out all the way to martin but at that point it's mate in one and we know what Martin will do then…

  14. As a beginner i found this very insightful, thanks!

  15. Just wanna say a mistake on the 27th bot or Ahmed it says bots played 277

  16. Funny thing is I found rook d2 after you explained everything I’m surprised the position was that complicated

  17. 17:57 Here you could've played Ne3 cuz if Nxe3 then Rxf2 and if f1=Q then Nxf1
    Edit: Just what you taught in your vid (or Gotham taught in his vid), the knight is overloaded.
    Editit: At 19:23, you could've played Ne3 cuz if Re4 then Rxe4 and if f1=q then Nxf1

  18. Would be interesting if you could randomize which bot came next

  19. I'd think for this challenge you'd want to make moves where you can stay in book for as long as possible. Which would mean running the most common lines. Not deviating so you could trade down quickly.

  20. 26 to 277 dang that's a lot of bots played.

  21. if you do this again turn the evaluation bar off it feels like your just playing around the evaluation bar instead of realizing threats yourself plus i want to try to figure out whos winning myself

  22. 29:08 Nelson, the amount of puzzles you have shown us made me find Rd2 Re2 in this position.

  23. at 27:33 couldn't he play knight takes pawn e2, so if rook takes he pushes his g5 pawn to g6, then after that he can promote but since you took one pwn already you can take it back without loosing the rook

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