I Just Lost To A Cat In Chess

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  1. Mittens is absolute bullshit. I gave up trying to beat this silly ass robot and decided to just use hints on every turn. The hints LEAD YOU INTO CHECKMATE. Mittens is an actual demon that has possessed the entire metagame. From its ELO to the actual tools you're given to defeat the accursed thing.

  2. Yep, Mittens is an ice cold assassin. Checkmated me on the back rank before I was even half developed. Beats getting smoked by Mrs. Clause at least!

  3. 1:44 you literally never need to explain yourself when you do en passant. The fact that you have the opportunity is justification enough.

  4. Mittens probably overflowed the elo number and is actually 2147483649 rating or something

  5. I had stock fish play Mittens and they drew by repetition of moves I’m not kidding

  6. The bot got challenge by stockfish and is said that the cat is 3200+

  7. Mittens, when a cat ate stockfish intentionally

  8. mittens is a misnormer. mittens is that big orange back alley one eyed tom that beats up on pitbulls and Rottweilers

  9. I looked at the position at 9:25 in stockfish and found something interesting. The engine considers c3 to be an inaccuracy and Bd2 as the best move. If bxc2 is played the best follow up is not to take back, but to play Qc1 which is a crazy looking move. The idea being to allow the pawn to take your knight to activate your rook and when the queen moves to c7 you can take the bishop and have a substantial lead in development.

  10. Catspurrov 🤣 Whoever came up with that deserves a raise 😂

  11. Ngl I was hoping the cat bots would move multiple pieces at once (due to not understanding the game and not being able to hold the pieces the same way humans would on a physical board).

  12. you can beat mittens easily by playing in custom; with time ( 1 min ) and just not blundering until his time is down, unless you missplay it's not that hard
    good luck tho ! he's a strong kitty

  13. Mittens ate (stock)fish and absorbed his chess power

  14. if their rating is a secret, then wouldn't it make more sense if it was a trick? like it mirrors your rating or something

  15. I have the idea mittens just start with any random move and by a few moves increases in strength why most people ended up getting mated while in the beginning it seemed pretty equal but I have no clue
    Could at least explain the ELO

  16. Survived almost 30 moved with Mittens. Any better?

  17. I would really like to see Mittens playing against Stockfish 15 lol

  18. When you beat Mittens: WHAT???? HOW!!!!??? YOU CHEA-I mean…meow! Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe-

  19. Me: playing mittens with 81% accuracy

    Mittens: playing me with 93% accuracy


  20. Mittens eats Stockfish 🐠 for lunch. Sneaky cat 🙀

  21. some people say that you can beat mittens in bullet by flagging her idk if that's true and i am not good enough to do it ; maybe nelson will be able to

  22. Even putting aside mittens the other cats seem underrated as well.

  23. I played against Mitten, first thought "wow, it knows theory, lower rated Bots don't, that's strange"
    Then I got destroyed

    Later I played the lowest mode (with Stockfish) and it was a draw

  24. I beat Mittens with my internet connected butt plug

  25. The best I came up with was a draw. I used the help function in every move, so i think Mittens is just Stockfish

  26. Mitten is nothing but chess MAX Engine (3200). I have validated it. It played a draw with chess max engine.

  27. I love your videos 🙂 could you please try the mobile game "Really Bad Chess"? I love this game and I think you will enjoy it too 🙂 it is not my game, I am just a fan

  28. Idk if im wrong, but you cold of moved the pawn from c3 to c4 to make a check and thene the bishup cold move to a safe square like a5.
    Also sorry for bad spelling xd

  29. I watched a video before a few minutes where mittens beated the engine at max level (3200 rating 😬😬😬)

  30. Wassup Chess Vibes! After my 8th try, I beat Mittens! I will be posting a video with proof soon! I hope you could see this!

  31. In addition to figuring out its rating I think the community should also try to figure out if the cat bots have some sort of "gimmick" and not just being another chess engine bot.
    What clued me in I am seeing people disputing Mitten's rating with some saying as high as 4K while others are saying it seems easier against a human player and playing closer to 3K or even lower.

    So my first guess is that it knows how to play against the website's own engines which can be used to obfuscate it actual ranking and prolong the "newness" of the bots so that you don't just see that it is stockfish rebranded. E: Another idea I am seeing floating around is that it acts as a +X elo rating compared to the account it is playing against which would help explain why it might struggle against regular bots when viewing it but able to crush the top level engine it has.

  32. I just saw a video that stockfish beated mittens

  33. I played this guy earlier, thought it might be "easy" (haha)… he seemed to whip out moves super-quick and took me apart very quickly… I'll bet it's at least a 3000 level…

  34. Beat mittens. Just broke out a laser pointer and flagged his ass!

  35. Right before you resigned, I think you could have played c4+, creating an escape square on c3. But I'm only 700, I probably am wrong.

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