I Just Lost To A Cat In Chess

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  1. Why did you leave the game i am a 600 to 900 and you could have saved the Bishop

  2. Mittens has roughly 3000 – 3500~ elo because mittens lost to stockfish which has 3585 elo

  3. actually nelson mittens has been changing level so maybe it had a good level against you?

  4. Mittens has 1 rating. He has beat one player, and that's you.

  5. bro think this is already clear but mittens has a display elo of 1 but its real elo is 7000
    edit: now that i think of it hikaru and magnus can probably malfunction this thing

  6. Mittens has drawn against Hikaru, beaten GothamChess' Levy, The Botez sisters, and Eric Rosen. So far, only Stockfish has beaten Mittens from the videos I've seen.

  7. Do you want to see a forced stalemate on mittens?

  8. I lasted 52 moves because I think I had a fortress until I stupidly traded the bishop for my knight that was holding the kingside together and immediately Mittens responds and begins a complex sequence that caused my kingside to collapse and the position to fail. One mistake and thats it game over.

  9. 31:20 Why you didn't gave the check on c4? Either King, Bishop or b5 Pawn would have to take it, but you would let your bishop alive and maybe still manage to win the game (that part would be on you, I am just 900 rate xD), but anyways it's always amazing to watch your videos. I really like that you explain why did some move was either good or bad and suggest some better move and explaining why that would affect your game in the future. Thank you so much for spending precious tome making those videos for all of us!

  10. I played against this bot and got creamed. Great to see that others are having issues with mittens. I wanted an easy bot to play against.

  11. Did you take your own rook at 12:58 and then Grumpers just ate up a pawn?

  12. Gotham chess beat mittens by taking turns moveing with THE stockfish

  13. c4 would have released the bishop, but sacrifice two pawns, so still probably a lost game.

  14. Nelson, you just weak. After Mittens move pawn e6 you had a forced mate in 1027 moves

  15. To be honest you're much much good compared to me! But I just wanna say I luckily beat mittens. The endgame was bishops but different colors and 4 pawns only which is hard

  16. The moves with your bishop and knight when checking his king I would never have thought of, pretty cool play

  17. I saw mittens rating and went, 'Oh, finally an opponent I can beat!' and then got whipped by a mate in 16 moves


  18. Never let them know your next move:
    Copies every move mittens does.

  19. At 12:55 it looked like The White Queen took the White Rook. What the?
    Was there some playing your pieces early or something? Can anyone care to explain this?

  20. On angry cat you could have moved rook d1 and queen d8 for checkmate

  21. this is so january im disliking old content not good anymore

  22. It doesn’t matter, mitten is cute, winner or loser!

  23. I have before fought mittens before it was removed and I noticed it took a long time to move it is a very smart bot but not a fast bot so I just set the timer to one minute and played fast moves

  24. 13:01 he would have lost his queen but the pawn disappeared into thin air

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