I FINALLY won a date with my celebrity crush!

I actually trained for 6 months to make this video, might be my favorite so far. I studied chess to reach a 1200 elo and versed Andrea Botez to see who would win. Thanks Andrea for doing this with me it was fun

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  1. the question everyone want to know.. did u sleep whit her?

  2. She can get away with it because she's that talented but I could never imagine making people jump through so many hoops for a date. All he has to do is show genuine interest in my hobbies and be kind and I'm there.

  3. This man is determined to get this woman while I'm just sitting around avoiding my homework and not going outside.
    I need to touch grass. 💀

  4. You get to buy her a fancy dinner? Who really won?

  5. She doesn't look interested😮💀💀💀

  6. As someone who was involved with a chess family I say RUN!!!! Everything is always a game with them. They will play your mind , will and emotions for sport just to win because they have giant prideful egos. Nothing will ever be natural or organic because they always have to be in control and win and they don't care how. They will always be thinking so many steps ahead and never be on the moment because that is way too scary for them so RUN RUN RUN RUN AWAY and don't look back Tyler. You are too sweet and nice of a guy for that. TRUST ME. Don't waste years on that garbage like I did.

  7. dude I'm 1800 and would lose easily to Andrea

  8. Bro is 1200 and beat a 1900 this is rare as fuck you are a certified master

  9. Off course you would win. If online it was 1s increment you could never win in a year or two. edited( 5m to 30s) with no increment is not fair.

  10. Push back if I'm too unreasonable but I think giving her even less time than last time after he got better is kinda unfair. 30 seconds against 5 minutes with the white pieces on his side feels like doing a 100 metre sprint against an amputated Usain Bolt. I'm really not trying to diminish his months worth of training but idk man, this doesn't feel like a win to me.
    Edit: I guess he did get his date so it is a win for all intents and purposes.

  11. Close your mouth when you chew a gum pleeeease

  12. He's wau better than any of the guys her sister picked for her. Except he could stand to burn the hat.

  13. Next time may be you take 10 minutes and she 10 seconds.

  14. Man you chew your gum so annoying like god damn bro you be chomping that like a cow no wonder she didn’t wanna go on a date

  15. Ok now he’s gotta train with Hansen and then go for a date with Alex

  16. I mean it aint hard to get your celebrity yourself cuz no average block can get in contact with their celeb crush… still props tho cuz she wasn't easy to get either

  17. or you could have just used the worlds strongest chess engine stockfish and then win the date with her

  18. bro got mated (haha) in less than a minute. It's okay bro we never last a long time on our first time

  19. Bro needs to learn to chew with his mouth closed

  20. 🎉wow very impresive Tyler! This is amazing all around. Where it end after to
    your date?? How did u pull this off? I like to get in touch w my celebrity crush lol great job.

  21. Dude, what an awesome video and work. Hope you could enjoy a great 'full night' with Andrea ;). It is indeed a GODDESS.

  22. Was he chewing gum super obnoxiously to try and distract her? I feel like he was just trying super hard to get in her head more than anything else.

  23. 30 second no increment is crazy otb

  24. I could never do some shit like this man id be having a panic attack lmao honestly huge props bro. Shes lookin fire af on the yacht damm

  25. Sussy Simp KING! mad props for the effort. 😂

  26. She had 30 seconds for the game. That’s crazy

  27. Bro was going ham on that gum during the match

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