I Discovered an Unrated Chess Genius in a Small Bar

I went to a small chess bar in Amsterdam (Café de Laurierboom) and found an unrated chess player that was EXTREMELY strong. Let me know in the comments what you think his rating should be!

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  1. the minute he said he was russian it all began to go down for Anna

  2. Based on the videos I've watched, I feel like a requirement of being a GM is hiding your title and pretending you're new to chess.

  3. English is hard. Where do you come from? Ah, live or born? Where are you from? Amsterdam. Oh, so you grew up here? No, I'm from Russia. Ah, OK. Where did you come from? Ah….my apartment?

  4. This confirms my opinion that titled women are equivalent to untitled men.

  5. Put more time on clock for casual talking game.

  6. always cringe when mfs say they just beginners when they clearly not🤡🤡🤡 like bro what are you looking for? some kind of validation

  7. I can’t decide if she wants to play chess with him or take him back to her hotel room .

  8. The guy didn't say one true thing in this entire video. He was being kind of funny, but everything he said was a lie, or was obscuring the truth. You can never trust Russians. 🙂

  9. I do believe that he doesn't have a rating because maybe he doesn't play tournaments, but no way in hell is he just a beginner. 😀

  10. Anna gonna make all these guys fall in love with all the eye contact and smiles

  11. the thing that makes me loose my mind is the moving table "clack clack clack" OMG.
    besides that, i've my doubts about this guy, he doesn't feel too honest to me, but anyway, good video, i want to see the rematch

  12. Anna, make sure you head over to Coffee & Coconuts!

  13. I don't know much and have never played with a timer. Why in the end around the 8:158:40 mark (might have been doing it all along) does the clock run down but then go back up a bit when each person hits the clock to end their turn?

  14. When will she finally have enough of the "gee, I don't know really this game" idiots?

  15. I love how before they even started playing chess Anna called him out after he said he could barely move the pieces and she’s like I literally just watched you playing others at chess😅

  16. Supongo que se hubiera enfocado más el chico si no le hubieras hablado tanto 🤔

  17. I doubt he was "new" to chess. I lived in Europe and know there are chess clubs all over the place. And being from the US you quickly learn that many, many good players are not rated and know the game well because they start very early.

  18. Lesson one. All Russians lie. Like Putin, they get it from their dark past.

  19. You two had great chemistry. So much fun to watch but he does know how to play. Maybe a bit rusty so trying to get back to the top of his game? Just a thought. Thank you for giving us a great game to watch. 😄

  20. Hey Anna, I played your Cow opening as white against a 3200 ELO bot and won!

    I played the first 10 moves myself and the evaluation was down to about -1.5, after which I switched to playing the bot's own top moves against it. White stayed down for 20 or 30 moves, but then somehow it equalized, and then the evaluation kept creeping up and up until by the end it was so far up I was able to win playing my own dumb moves. So basically the bot played the Cow against itself and won, which is rather cool! (Note: This is a simpler versions of a comment I posted earlier but which for some reason YouTube won't let past its filter).

  21. Ever play on an electronic chess board? That might make for a fun video.

  22. I was big fan of this channel, but to see you laughing and playing chess with someone who's country is waging war, I cannot longer support this channel. do better.

  23. He is a beginner … but he is knowledgeable about rankings ?!🤔

    And pukin was never in the military.

  24. She is 2200 but the "chess genius" actually lost. Well if that isn't the clickbait 🙂

  25. Anna would drive me up a wall by talking so much, I couldn't concentrate, Having said that: Anna is adorable, and I think I am making great progress in my chess game by using her "cow" opening, at least as I seem to understand it. (anyways, I've been beating the 900 and 1100 computer bots with it)

  26. Hey Anna Banana. I’ve tried your COW opening. I’m starting to learn chess at 43. Just wanted to tell you I played 7 games with your opening. Lost one. Stalemate another. And won FIVE.

  27. So is stridently insisting you’re a beginner when your obviously not some psychological ploy, because it clearly doesn’t work? It’s just childish.

  28. A lot of people in the comments really don’t understand Russian humour…

    Perhaps almost synonymic for the current state of affairs between the West and Russia in general

  29. Ok i see the thumbnail, i hear his russian and everything is obvious. Like bro all them russians are ches pros

  30. Love to see Anna squash secret FMs like bugs, bees even.

  31. Hey anna, really amazing content.

    Love how you keep it simple for the other person and get them friendly for the game <3
    By any chance we can collab for video editing/Yt management?

  32. youre in amsterdam? shall we play chess?

  33. I have no clue how it al works. Tried too after seeing the Queens Gambit but gave up immediately. There are things in life that are not meant to be. I am good at languages not with strategy and especially not with number. But I like your enthusiasm and how you interact wirh people. Loved the video with your mom (the GM). Wish you and your family all the best and stay healthy.

  34. This guy definitely fled from Russia due to the unjust war that's going on.

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