I Challenged “Russian Paul,” The Strongest Chess Hustler in NYC

Alexandra played few games against Russian Paul, who is considered the best chess hustler in Union Square Park. Drop a like and tell us in the comments, what city with a strong chess culture you think sisters should visit next!
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  1. At 8:37 he could have taken her rook with his bishop, which would have also threatened her other rook and saved his pawn (which only needed to advance 2 more squares to become a queen). This guy wasn’t bad, but he made several obvious mistakes.

  2. You keep touching your mouth after touching the pieces. You’re gonna get crevasse cheese in your mouth. 🧀💀

  3. She made a few mistakes he made a few of them but in the end he won.

  4. Subscribed after watching you on Hustler Casino Live.

  5. Russian Paul's best piece is the guy in the background leering at her.

  6. Was the Queen sacrifice here or trade the famous gambit I hear so much about or no

  7. this blowss my mind, attractive girls can play chess???!?! I thought attractive girls were only meant to be pretty!!?

  8. This girl us beautiful who cares about that board game

  9. I love how the creepy dude in grey is so focused on the uhhhh…chess match….

  10. Russian Paul plays the game straight. No bluster, no banter. The young lady fought with spirit.

  11. Whats the line, who was the teacher, why is it annoying?

  12. You had it in the corner , with pawn ♟, you can be that guy easy.

  13. Russian Paul is the Strongest based on What His Rating? Word of Mouth? His gameplay and domination of the rest of the players?? what criteria is being used to determine this strength???

  14. Your crazy chess player love your content only thing that your better at is your smart ass mouth come backs

  15. Try Kaivopuisto Helsinki. There is a really nice spot with giant chess "boards"

  16. is this clock your time to move, or your projected lifespan, paul?

  17. I think the next move 9. … Nxf2 😁🙏

  18. "I let you get away at the end…it was nice." WOW. So incredibly humble in defeat. 🤨😐😑

  19. Hello, GREETINGS from HEAVEN COUNTRY🏴‍☠️
    I would like to CHALLENGE YOU to a STAR MUSICAL↖️

  20. He's just happy to have a really cute girl paying attention to him.


  22. She talks the whole time, poor guy cant concentrate XD

  23. Saw this guy sitting waiting for a game today in Union square park!

  24. How often do these hustlers challenge the person for money I mean how often do you have to put up money just to get them to play and was there money involved in this game? I mean even just like a dollar

  25. U useless talking too much…. playing less… this Guy is really Master.

  26. The guy in the background might be interested in mating you…

  27. If ye look carefully, ye will see that there is a chess board in this video.

  28. Hey people boby fisher was in 70's whith ONLY 1 title what about kasparov karpov kramnik who with world titles they made soup's ,,
    To say about boby fisher to day in 2022 i see an ONLY american idiots…..

  29. "Maybe you don't have a killer instinct." 😁

  30. I’m so bad at chess that I don’t understand why she lost

  31. He may have been the first guy who wasn't distracted in the slightest. Gotta respect that.

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