I Challenged “Russian Paul,” The Strongest Chess Hustler in NYC

Alexandra played few games against Russian Paul, who is considered the best chess hustler in Union Square Park. Drop a like and tell us in the comments, what city with a strong chess culture you think sisters should visit next!
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  1. Can we all show appreciation for that beautiful dress

  2. Easier to win when your opponent gives away free rooks. smh

  3. Paul is a great guy. A decade agoI used to pay him whatever I had on me for lessons. Washington Square days

  4. All player's over 1600 they can beat these two sisters…ungly and bad players both

  5. As hot as she is I'd wait an extra move too before I punish that blunder……but anything more is contrary to proper Chess.

  6. If there are chess hustlers then there s definitely a chess mafia in NYC.

  7. this girl have one of the smartest strategies , I call it the white strategy.

  8. Paul plays a decent game of backgammon too. I know because i've lost several times to him.

  9. I don't think that mask is doing him any good under his chin

  10. Wow you played so good. I wish you could come to visit my island in Fiji and improve their chess games…we love chess and want to try some professional players like you

  11. Seems kind of distasteful to use the street chess hustler to make a video which gives you money and promotes you. Did she at least offer him some $ as compensation for appearing in her videos?

  12. hustler: a person adept at aggressive selling or illicit dealing. legend: an extremely famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field. he has more in common the latter, rather than the former.

  13. I don’t care how any of you might come down on me. There is nothing hotter than a smart beautiful woman!

  14. Hiding behind the famous “chin mask”. Maybe it’s holding up a double chin.

  15. taksim delisi cenk satrançamı başlamış vay dünya tersine dönüyo

  16. The white dress seductress was no match for the grumpy guy lol.

  17. Chess makes me so mad I shouldn't even play. Its like If I lose. So do you! Be careful when you play me in chess. There's always another move your not aware of. Winky Winky ya wanker

  18. Why is the game over? neither is in Checkmate I don't understand.

  19. is that the guy that says it's the winter games lol

  20. Look up "Taksim delisi Cenk", resembles him.

  21. I can't focus on the game .. oh God her beauty

  22. Her dress distraction didn't work 🤣😂🤣

  23. If his opponent was the clock button… 😥

  24. I played this guy a couple years ago when I visited! It was right before Covid. He told me about how terrible communism is and told me I was a bad chess player and all my moves were random which they were. I've got a little better since then I'd love to come back and play him

  25. Russian Paul may be strong But I put my money with my uncle who is winning against a computer many times with at least 60 years of experience, and many strong opponents that he played all those years.

  26. Lan sağdaki taksim delisi cenk değil mi

  27. There’s just something about beautiful women playing chess that I find so atractive. Oh heck, who am I kidding? A beautiful woman shoveling manure is hot also.

  28. Using his face mask as a triple-chin support. Ingenious.

  29. Türkiye'de böyle bir kadın sokakta oynasa herkes büyükusta olur, şerefsizim.

  30. A great display of humility when you the video where you're not victorious.

  31. The happy dude singing in the background at 2:38 that’s the energy I’m looking for in life

  32. You should try to challenge Irene, the youngest grandmaster woman on entire world. She is from Indonesia, and she is in the US nowaday. I wish you can meet and against her 💪🌟🇮🇩

  33. He movies his clock hand 2x faster then she is

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