I Challenged A Trash Talking 11-Year-Old Chess Master

Tani, an 11-year-old National Master, has been a regular opponent of Alex in online blitz matches, now they bring their grudge to a real chess board in Washing Square Park! Drop a like and tell us in the comments, if you expected such level of trashtalk from a young chess prodigy.
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  1. Is the kid a master, what's his rating? Anybody knows?

  2. She could still move at the end of the first one right?

  3. I don't know much about chess how she got checkmate in the first game?

  4. 9:48 i lived to see this, my time has come… now i can die in peace

  5. Ok so i'm a beginner, and i don't understand why the first match ended at 4:00, I only see a check, can someone explain?

  6. trash talking is a strategy to irritate them making there brain mad and wanting you to focus on talking but I would say equal

  7. 4:01 how was that a mate?
    It wasn't even a big disadvantage I guess

  8. 4:00 I don’t understand. Its not checkmate and only gives a piece advantage to the kid after king escape f2 but is that enough to for her to resign? No way to free up even 1 out of the 6 pawns she still has

  9. I love how he asks how to trash talk so she teaches by doing. So cute

  10. Aye….anyone else noticed Alex lost her cool? 😓 It's okay I lost my cool watching it too I noticed when she said "shut up" and she then caught herself and from there she started blundering. It happens…

  11. I don't care for the chess I like this girl 😘 so pretty

  12. I literally know nothing about chess, however I've watched the video to its entirety due to how pleasant it is to look at the talking barbie doll.. she's pulchritudinous to say the least.

  13. Tanitoluwa Adewumi : rating >2300 ;age 12 now. Love his confidence in this video!

  14. Funny that you are the trash talker! More than the kid

  15. 4:10 wait so why did they stop playing there? Did they agree on a draw or did he win? I don't get it, there wasn't a checkmate right?

  16. you make so many mistakes in second game…..

  17. Dang, that was a master class in trash talk on both sides. I'm very impressed 😮

  18. Botez is a dumb trash talking white woman.
    Tani showed her that a Black kid is better than a white women.

  19. Those msaks. Now they want Amnesty. Social contract broken.

  20. she got mated twice but she prolly made 30,000 on this stream. lol you dont have to be good at anything if your hot.

  21. 4:00 something please explain why this is the end of the game?

  22. Both of yall suck! I wish yall would come down under and play us!

  23. My favorite player.? Myself… classic…

  24. No way it's the corn kid but negative iq

  25. You were so kind to the young dude!! Awesome job

  26. Can sb explain me how she lost the first game. It wasn't over. What do I miss?

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