Human Chess In Real Life With 32 Real Humans As Pieces !! You Win Or Dié

An emotionally broken chessmaster pressed into playing a real-life game.

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  1. the fact that everyone laughed at Akira for losing to a computer is really dumb. how about you try?

  2. Dude you must have so much fun narrating these

  3. they really just traumatized him so he can learn a lesson💀

  4. Him: “Akira, is the sorest loser in history.” He said calmly.

    you didn’t have to do him like that 💀

    Edit: I just finished the video and the narration is absolute gold.

  5. Bro im starting to have a sturdy brain after this….😐 Just like always

  6. I just think of squid game when i watch this video lol

  7. Sacking ur king is an illegal mvoe so i don’t kno wut the hell this thing was abt, also chess bots are way stronger so

  8. That super blue and him losing is inspired by garry kasporav losing to deep blue i love that

  9. Bro he really got tricked by a old man but he is good at chess

  10. 9:04 am i the only one who realized that he called a rook a knight?

  11. “Me” “mum can we get squid game?”
    “mum” no we have squid game at home”
    “ Squid game at home”

  12. I wonder if the movie "The Game" took inspiration from this movie.

  13. How the fuck is that even possible?? A king can't move into check himself, that's an illegal move

  14. Bruh, don't let magnus see this shit 💀

  15. How can a man be humiliated by a literal chess robot it is literally made to be the best at chess

  16. Time to play chess ♚♛♜♝♞

  17. this guy is a legend spending his time recapping movies with a great accent and voice

  18. ,,Akira is tripping balls"

    Wow, just wow

  19. Watch till the end for the twist! 😊

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