HUGE BLUFF from Magnus Carlsen! World Chess Champion takes on Poker

We’re back with another hand breakdown but this time we’re looking at a hand from Chess Master Magnus Carlsen. While Magnus isn’t a Poker Professional, I really like the way he plays this hand and I share my insight on why he might’ve made the moves he did.

0:00 Introduction
1:26 Preflop
2:54 Flop
5:53 Turn
8:13 River
11:27 Fold or Raise?
12:36 Conclusion

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  1. I feel like when I play with my friends turning hands into bluffs is impossible bc they call everything

  2. It would be really funny for you to do a chess recap from a poker player perspective.

  3. Ladies and Gentlemen of the chat lol.
    were are some places to go to learn these higher level concepts. I have daniels and Iveys masterclass. But were do you get professional level training from.

  4. Actually, sometimes I use a small blocker bet on the river with the nuts to trap aggressive opponents. It's made me a ton of money when they misread it for weakness.

  5. Carlsen thought he had the ace of spades and not the club

  6. Would love to see you have him as a guest on your show, and co-analyze some hands. How does a chess master think about poker?

  7. Would be great to see you and Magnus in a video discussing Chess and Poker ❤

  8. get your mic closer to you. I feel like you are in a cold hard room. proximity will give your audio tone some warmth. just a thought

  9. I understood absolutely everything this guy was saying

  10. Daniel you are up on the "kids " can you still play your beard looks great 👍

  11. DNegs the greatest poker player ever and humble as could be

  12. agadmator is my favorite chess guy on Youtube. Check him out. He mostly does coverage of current and historical games. He is amazing at explaining stuff in a way that most people can understand, without it feeling dumbed down at all.

  13. honestly this river is weird? i agree that Dagslott should bet small only if he anticipates a raise which he then calls, but Magnus raising 40% of the pot is weird too, like his opponent has 5 to 1 betting odds, it is too good for casual flash. why not jam all-in? so confusing

  14. Loving the chess/poker crossover videos, I watch all the ChessTube and PokerTube videos and amazed how many chess players do play poker.

  15. I guess it's a culture thing, or they aren't at pro level, but Magnus shouldn't have said he bluffed.

  16. Poker "solvers" are not anything close to chess engines — chess engines actually can show tangible advantage (often huge) on a specific game, a specific move, in a finite space, and can work both online and in person, against any opponent, in any situation -poker solvers give a possibility of gaining a small advantage and exploits over playing 1000 games against 100 different kinds of human players – Poker Game Theory stuff is like 6th grade vs Chess Engines being PhD, and it literally cannot get more than that, due to the nature of the games — GTO gives a profit % increase over time, but in the short run in a small sample size, it can be completely a loser, it's as simple as that

  17. Block bet too small. 60k and he might have taken it.

  18. As an 800 elo I feel emotionally assaulted hearing you say you're "terrible" at a 1250

  19. This wasn’t that impressive, the man called with J/7 off….. I don’t care what the implied odds are. Then he hits a J with a 3 card draw to the flush. Why is he playing J/7 off and when he gets everything he could ask for on the flop and the turn outside of quads or two pair to secure a pot with his donkey hand he gets bluffed off the pot. Imfao I cannot stop laughing

  20. I think he finished 25th of 8000 players I see on another channel about chess

  21. Doesn’t get as much respect in poker as chess, all them callers pre flop lol

  22. The Daglott guy also has back door straight flush draw

  23. I think hikaru is really bad at this game. 🤔🤣

  24. I'm huge into poker and chess. I think it's interesting how people who enjoy the one also enjoy the other.

  25. Cool shout out to Gotham chess. Check out Agamator! He reviews old and current games and does a great job as well!

  26. Деревенский брадобрей says:

    Че несет этот старпер? Раздача сама сыграла в пользу Карлсена. На столе гатшот, любая пика бьет 7. Любой вменяемый плеер выкинул бы нахуй эту мусорную руку на таком столе. Ещё бы на час растянул этот бессмысленный анализ

  27. Magnus so good he can be loosey goosey at the poker table.

  28. Dagslot bottled it.
    He should have pushed and accepted the bad beat at worst, which of course wasn’t the case, as Calrsen had no spade.

    I know in hindsight It was a win/win situation for Dogslet.

    But with a little more balls and thought, he could have imagined either a bad beat versus Carsten or a viral chance to embarrass his bluff.

    Plus his profile would have sky rocketed even more as the dude who called Magnus’s bluff.

  29. He's got amazing memory for chess positions. Some people got it. Some don't.

  30. This guy magnus seems like a good player. He should try playing chess someday.

  31. best chess player there ever was, a game of zero luck, just deep theoretical preparation and deep raw mental calculation. the best that has ever existed. yeah you could say he's a sharp guy.

  32. It is my first time on a poker video (I came here because of Magnus) and I am amazed and I am amazed at how I don't understand a fuck about what he's talking about xD

  33. I would like to see online poker session of Magnus Carlsen with teacher Daniel Negranu in background, would be nice to see how fast he can improve and also to see how big basic mistakes he is doing or not. Like if you want to see the same as me ! 🙂

  34. “That’s such a good price even if you don’t have chips you should call” 😂

  35. Adorable watching you "fangirl" over Magnus's mind & poker potential.

  36. Didn’t Magnus give his bluff away by waiting too long to bet $100k?
    The only thing that could win is a flush. And dog made his bet if you have the ace you wait “calculate” and check raise smallish trying to make it seem like you have a flush but not high draw. That’ll get dog to either raise or put more money in the pot.
    If you have an Ace you want more more money to go in the pot if you don’t have it you want to block the other person.
    By betting 100k he’s cutting off the raise so he might as well go all in. Unless you don’t have the ace or king
    If you have the Ace there’s nothing to think about. But sense he took so long to think, he must have been trying to decide if Dog had the ace.
    Magnus should have been ready to bet 100k after the River quickly.
    I know there’s nothing out there to beat me you’re gonna need to pay to play.
    That would be your mindset with Ace high flush

  37. Great video but I tend to disagree here: 12:50 . I have the exact opposite feeling on chess and luck. There's a lot more luck in lower levels, when people have a very short sight of the consequences of their moves, and therefore can lead themselves into traps or very good situation without really knowing why. And of course at even lower level there's the occasionnal random material gift, which will be randomly accepted (=spotted) or not.

  38. Check out Robert Ramirez as well (Chess4All). Chess Vibes for sure good 👍

  39. Did you play chess variants like fog of war?

    it could be very random chess game

    Sklansky point that brilliant on 2+2

    no 'preflop range',
    'ranges rather than open situations',
    sometimes random makes brillliant come backs

    I guess there poker players like Negreanu could beat with some luck even pro chess players like Carlsen

  40. Playing poker with a really good chess player is very interesting.

  41. Daniel, ya gotta start saying "Monochrome" instead of "Monotone". cmon man

  42. Luck aside, Chess and Poker are a lot more similar, and you will find a lot more people who are good at either OR both games! They are both analytical in nature, and requires one to size the opponent, and yes there are bluffs in chess too! just not like the ones in Poker. But great video Daniel, I am sure Magnus will be more than happy to take some poker sessions from you :). I am a fan of both of you. Thanks.

  43. Chess is 100% BrainGame and Poker is Game of luck!

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