How To Think Like A Chess Master

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I made a video verbalizing my thought process while playing games against a variety of beginners and intermediate chess players. Ending with an expert.

0:00 Intro
1:07 GAME 1 vs 1667
8:09 GAME 2 vs 1106
14:30 GAME 3 vs 1090
20:23 GAME 4 vs. 1703
29:56 GAME 5 vs 1057
35:13 I AM SO STUPID vs. 2120

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  1. I'm enjoying your content! High quality, funny and free access, wow!

  2. what black is playing is what Bobby Fischer played, when he won in 21 moves

  3. About that last game, true, some players simply don't like to defend and quite without analyzing a position properly. You analyze to see what he saw that you didn't see and very often find that the position was playable or else he had a winning advantage. No, it's not fun to defend. Neverthless, such great players as Reshevsky and Petrosion enhanced their chess career by being great defending players when the need arose.

  4. So glad I watched until the end. Very entertaining!

  5. 5:03: I really don't like this position, it's too constricting. But I guess that's just me because I like playing dangerously.

  6. 19:16 Dude you are so lucky your opponent didn't play at that moment.

  7. whoever started typing the lyrics to nights by frank ocean u have my respect

  8. im upset cause my dad was teaching me some openings and then he called it a throw away game after he blundered his queen … we didnt even finish the game

  9. Actually at 33:41 he can castle , after queen takes bishop he has Rge8 and you blunder your queen

  10. Thank u levy i m getting better at chess😄… altho i still blunder my queen sometimes… but i m learning

  11. I had to watch the video twice because that comment section under you is cracking me up! 😂

  12. Honestly, what helps me is to relax and be calm and confident. This allows me to take sufficient time for analysis, thwarting the opponent's plans, looking for checks, forks, discoveries, strengths and weaknesses, unprotected pieces, pins etc, before moving. Developing a good attitude beforehand can prevent anger, frustration and hasty moves which lose. Even by losing we can learn and improve, and perhaps be glad for the other player since it's only a game after all and we can't always win, nor keep improving.

  13. Could we change the bishop to another name, like we have alternate names for rooks and knights? Maybe prince

  14. 25:55 Since you said you win one bishop at least, what was wrong with Nxc3+? In order to save the rook, white is going to have to destabilise their pawn structure around the king, which puts said king in a rather awkward position, to say the least.

  15. I have already subscribed your channel.

  16. you can borrow my integrated stockfish program and crush them

  17. How did you take the pawn at the end of the last game

  18. This starts (first game) just like Carlsen v Erigaisi (the game they drawed in the generations tournament just now)

  19. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  20. Man, thank you actually for reminding me to subscribe, because I've been watching your videos for nearly 2 years haha

  21. I have literally been playing chess for ten days watching this. I am not wondering how to improve. I am wondering how to stop blundering my pieces (when I know how not to) and making bad moves that I saw would be bad and then forgot about two seconds later. My brain is stimulated nonetheless.

  22. thx sir for your good quality video 😀😀😀😀😀😀

  23. i began chess a half year ago and im on 949 points and i plan to be the finnish champion

  24. you are to smart for your own good mate lol

  25. Who else thought the Eval Bar on the thumbnail looked like a Magicians Wand?

  26. Things I took away from this video:
    – Control the center of the


    – Maintain a strong pawn


    – Develop all of your pieces

    – Be flexible and adaptable in

    your strategy

    – Anticipate your opponent's moves and plan accordingly – Use pawn breaks to disrupt

    your opponent's position – Don't ignore the importance of the endgame

    – Take the time to analyze and evaluate the position before

    making a move

    – Study classic games and grandmaster games to improve

    your game play

    – Focus on improving your calculation and visualization

  27. Engine only give formal moves 😆😆😅😅

  28. In the thumbnail, moving the knight would have won the queen

  29. 23:56 Yeah, I agree. Don't play engines. I beat 3200 engine somehow, at 1000 elo. How? I have no idea. But I know I wondered if I played the right bot. I ended up in a rook vs bishop endgame which was then just a victory for me. I know this certainly does NOT mean I can beat a 3000 player, or any player really above 1600 (the best I've ever beaten).

  30. Forget connect 4 Levy got connect 9 and locked the centre

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