How To Play Chess: The Ultimate Beginner Guide

How to play chess properly, a guide for beginners. This guide is designed to teach you chess basics, chess openings, endgames, tactics, and strategy.

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  1. It was amazing, thank you so much!!

  2. I am not a big fan of yours but your teaching style is kind of perfect

  3. Can you please answer this question? Why some chess games have opposite rule? Like the black queen on white block and white queen on black block!
    Please answer me I'm very comfused?

  4. i used to play chess a lot back in 2015/2016 i used to be very good the best in my school actually but then i stopped and now i forgot how to even do a checkmate this guide is really helpful to get me back in

  5. Thank u sooooo much for ur amazing video. U really hopped it up for pieces ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Im still young and I want to begin my journey with chess

  7. Appreciate this for us total Noobs. Im 48yo and have always wanted to learn the game. great start here.

  8. This video was 🔥 thank you for explaining that pawn rule I did it by accident and couldn’t replicate it 😂

  9. i want to take a one on one chess tutoring class from you 🥹

  10. New to chess love your videos thanks alot

  11. I used these tactics and I won my friend thank you we were beting 😃😎

  12. How do I deal with time anxiety? It doesn't matter whether I have 1, 3, 10 or 15 minutes, it always feels like I just can't think clearly at all (more or less from the beginning of the game)…
    I know it would probably get easier if I just exposed myself to it lots of times, the only problem is it's not fun at all anymore when the time anxiety sets in 🙁
    Any tips for attitudes/training approaches/etc that might help?

  13. The best chess players to ever exist will come in the next 10-20 years because of the internet. The amount of knowledge available out there for free is insane compared to just 10 years ago.

  14. Thanks a lot for such an easy explanation

  15. En passant… cool learned something already

  16. The idea of pieces seeing each other and weighing the trade-offs is fascinating, Funny how these principles appear in other areas of life, like war and economics.

  17. Thanks that was awesome. Agree with @BenCarter – Loved chess as a child but my family only ever wanted to sit in front of the tv day and night. If I COULD occasionally convince them to play, they didn't really understand, were drinking alcohol or were distracted so I gave up. We lived in the middle of nowhere so it was very difficult for me to find a friend to play with or join a club. As an adult I played a few casual games and noticed that I was actually very good. Decided to train on moves and strategy and am very much enjoying it here on YouTube with all of the courses. Thank you for your excellent videos – I like yours the most 🙂

  18. My goal is now to become really good at chess but call the knights horsies

  19. Awesome video. Nice work, very well explained, I am currently playing my first computer games. Subscribed!

  20. I have been playing checkers on hard mode of Russia, American standard and Italian, i find the hard mode very easy and i wanted to clear my mind and make new tactics so I found out chess was wayyyyyyh harder so i want to give it a try.

  21. He looks a bit like Harry Potter won't u agree, a older version perhaps

  22. I didn’t even know the on basaunt thing existed. I don’t know how to spell it tho

  23. 13:20
    Pawn to F3 pawn to G4
    Now you are in check
    It's unavoidible!

  24. This video is the best video on chess I have ever seen. This video explains chess so so well. And it really helped me. Thank you so much. I also love your thinking.!

  25. To anyone that sees this, how important would you say is finding the check mate in one when you see a guaranteed check mate in three? In other words, is there a reason to search for a shorter checkmate if you see a guaranteed one in three or more moves.

  26. Only a third of the way through and i'm feeling like i have a good grasp on the game. Never played or even know how to play. Thank you for this video! I hope to get into chess some day.

  27. Do computers understand difficulty? A chess game I downloaded has 10 levels. Level 1 is hard not to win. Level 2 is near impossible for me to win.

  28. Something I have for remembering the starting place for the royalty is they are on D and E which says de but I says DE ROYALTY

  29. Was always intimidated by chess since I never got into it when I was young. This video was a nice intro.

  30. Thanks for teaching me Pro Chess Player, I am just a new begginer!

  31. Thank you so much for making this video Gotham. My pops taught me chess in the 80’s, and we both loved following the Karpov/Kasparov matches. I lost interest when I got into middle school and basically haven’t played for 30 years. I’ve always loved games and I’ve gotten really into several over the years- Scrabble, Axis & Allies, Stratego, Spades, and most especially Poker, which I’ve played a couple times a week for almost 20 years now. But after hearing Lex Fridman dive into the world of chess over the past couple months, interviewing Magnus and Hikaru and the Botez sisters and of course yourself- I’m finally ready to get back into the game.

  32. My dad's teaching me chess He told me that we play chess so that we know how to think

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