How To Earn A Living Playing Chess

Hikaru goes into the economics of playing chess, the tournament prize money available for grandmasters in chess around the world. Also HI @Wendoverproductions we love your thumbnails ❤


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0:00 Intro
00:33 SuperGM Tournaments
10:40 2600 – 2700 Player Tournaments
17:51 2500 – 2700 Player Tournaments (Open Tournaments)
29:58 The Challenges of Chess Economics


  1. be aware step 1 in this tutorial is to be above 99% of chess players

  2. Option A) be good at chess. Option B) be an attractive female.

  3. Actually really interesting analysis – good job Hikaru on breaking down the economics, grind involved, and competitive landscape for the top players in Chess!

  4. I’ll save you 36 minutes worth of a video. Just be good.

  5. Lol I thought this was a wendover video and I was very confused when I saw Hikaru

  6. TLDR: even if you win, you have to spend a bunch and the government takes your money, so you still lose.

  7. most strong chess players will earn their living (from chess) not by playing pro events, but from teaching, being coaches and/or streaming

  8. Cheating in chess events is easy claps, smuggle an earpiece hide it in a bathroom wall to slip past the metal detectors grab it have a crew who reads engine moves but occasionally have them read off a blunder that doesn't put you in a losing position so you can't be tracked for too good of an accuracy. If anyone wants in email me.

  9. If you don't upvote this video it's only because Hikaru took your girl.

  10. How to earn a living playing chess: Get good and play with MrBeast

  11. the trick to making money in ANYTHING is exposure and T-shirt sales. i can be the shittiest chess player in the world, but if people laugh when i start eating chess pieces in official tournaments and they buy my "you can't win, if i eat e4" T-shirts then i would make waaaay more money than if i won that tournament without the exposure.

  12. why is the thumbnail normal? is something wrong?

  13. Hikaru how much money do you earn from twitch as streamer and from youtube as owner ? do you need to participate in tournaments?

  14. This also illustrates how expensive it is to become a GM.

  15. Me after seeing the thumbnail: Wait what channel am I watching?

  16. me a 1100 rated player: this is what i need

  17. My country only has an IM, unfortunately, just like E-Sports gamer, the career is very unstable to sustain income.

  18. Genuinely baited me I thought it was a Wendover video

  19. The easiest way of making money has always been to inherit 🙂

  20. So, if I become a Top 50 player in the world I can scrape together living? That’s a tad discouraging…

  21. Pro Tip :- Never skip ads so that Hikaru can earn more and create more Quality content for us

  22. I actually went overto the wendover channel to look for this video didnt realize my man hikaru had this only on his channel

  23. Taxes in European countries are often higher though. But yeah, not easy for sure. Especially because really only the top 10 in any tournament makes proper money and even they will struggle if they don't win a few tournaments every once in a while (within a year).

  24. Tough school.. chess player probably weep when they see some of the eggs who won 6 and even 7 figure poker tournaments. Mind you, some of the poker players weep too.

  25. Chess is similar to many sports. If you’re in top 50, you live comfortably. Top 100 is fairly good. The rest have to struggle to make a living.

  26. I don't enjoy chess but I enjoy people whom enjoy chess.🤷🏾‍♂️

  27. This isn't dissimilar to Pokémon, except that they're a monster brand so don't have any excuse.

  28. Answer to the title of this video: YOU HAVE TO BE A FUCKING GOOD CHESS PLAYER.
    99.99999% of us are NOT FUCKING GOOD CHESS PLAYERS (I'm 1350 LOL)

  29. You can win all these in just one MrBeast challenge, what a scam.

  30. When you have a chess tournament and your two biggest losses are Giri and Dubov it's a crazy strong tournament!


  32. I guess now i see where the hate for tournaments like pogchamps comes from

  33. So what you are saying is you should play the game because you enjoy it.

  34. He should have done himself when he was competitive classical player, instead of speculating on someone else's wealth. That's just rude.

  35. Tax withholdings, legit content. This guy knows shit. No wonder he's sooooo good.

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