How to blind players communicate the moves to each other?

One of the questions that has been repeatedly asked is when two blind players play against each other, how do they communicate the move that they have made to the other person. In this video that was captured by Sagar Shah at the 8th World Team Championships 2018 for the Blind and visually impaired we explain this to you.

This video gives you all the information that you would need to understand how the blind players make their moves and communicate them to their opponent.

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  1. Just incredible…!!! Extremely SMART 🥳💯🖐💫🤎🥳💯🖐🤎💫🥳💫💯🤎🖐

  2. 这个介绍盲人棋手下棋的视频中,出现了一个计时器,好象计时器左右两侧都能接耳机,请问这个计时器是什么品牌,多少钱?有没有购买的网址链接?

  3. Hello, may I ask, in this video, the timer used by two blind people playing chess is not equipped with a headphone jack, which allows blind people to hear the time information, what brand is this timer, how much is it, and is there a URL to buy?

  4. hi @chessBase india , my company is developing an electronic chess board for the visually impaired people that tell the moves of the player , analyse if it is legal or illegal move . So i would like to know how i could contact you just to know the feedback from your side .

  5. I still have more questions. Say the 100% blind player doesn't know what the board looks like. Are they allowed to put their hands over the opposing pieces just to like, check everything?

  6. sabse pehle move calculate krte hain fir move bolte hain.. fir clock press krte hain.. time bhi listen karte hain.. fir move record krte hain..opponent ka move bhi play krte hain…aur best move bhi play krna rehta in limited time.. wow guys..huge respect.. 🙌🙌 every one playing this tournament is a winner..🙏

  7. wao just brillinnt hai yaar supeb thanks alto sagar sir you are the best best best

  8. bhia goa wale gm touranment mei toh badi naainsafi hai group c vale players ko toh waaat laga diay hai yaar 4 din mei 10 round sabse bekar hai yaar group c how to play groub b or A??

  9. Thank you for clearing this up I was wondering about this too.

  10. Impaired how can I learn to play chess

  11. Can't they just have moderator who act like an hand for the Player's and he communicates them moves as well🤔🤔

  12. Really inspired by such players and people like sagar shah❤️

  13. The world would be a better place if people like Sagar Shah increase in the society.. Such a humble legend.. ❤️

  14. Sagar man ❤️❤️❤️ it's a shame we didn't follow previously. Kudos to you and also samay ❤️

  15. samay or sagar shah ki mehnat ka nateeja h ki india m chess ka craze badh rha h.

  16. Thank you very much for this video, Respect to you and all the players….

  17. That means they apparently have to memorize position of every piece on board, that's impressive how dedicated this peoples are.

  18. Came here after Karan singh and sagar bhai's stream

  19. Hi can i contact you . I like to dissuss a matter with you .

  20. That was insane when ever I will feel low I will watch these guys playing so that I can feel motivated ❤️
    Huge respect to all of you ❤️🙌

  21. Sir. You have a typo I think. It should be "How do" .

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