How To Become A Chess Grandmaster

Many people have asked how to become a chess grandmaster and the other titles like international master. Now you have a video.

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Gender Gap:

2:57 NORMS

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  1. It's almost impossible in the US unless you can travel. It's a fool's errand and ironically, even experts have beaten GMs in tourneys.

  2. Me constantly bouncing between 150-200.

  3. Not to be mean but ,you can use your own tutorial

  4. At 14:07 after king d7 why didn’t you play Nf5 and fork his queen and rook ? He can’t take with the pawn because you’ll take his queen with a check and If he threatens your queen with his rook you take it and when he captures back you take his queen, I’m probably missing something but I’m curious to why you didn’t do that

  5. Just by watching this, I can easily become a GM by next Friday (ELO 400 btw)

  6. You forgot to knight fork to kill queen black

  7. Levy:How to become a Chess Grandmaster
    Literally every Chess Grandmaster:What do you think you're doing?
    Levy:I guide others to a treasure I cannot possess.

  8. 1:51 I'll tell you what happens, no study required. Women just by nature aren't interested in such things as chess (miniscule exceptions don't make statistics).

  9. Fide needs to trash the woman titles, just needless sexism

  10. Unfortunately the sexism of Indian culture bleeds into chess culture very deeply due to the historical connections

  11. Step 1: 10,000 hours of Chess playing/study

  12. Watching this even though I fuck up 60% of my wins with stalemates.

  13. I want to be a chess Grandmaster !! Chess is a really remarkable game. How many years have you been playing competitive chess?

  14. I can tell you why there‘s only 1.600 GM‘s. In reality there‘s probably more like 160.000 but there‘s so many players that either don‘t want to play competetive or don‘t even know about it.

  15. I played chess for 1 day and now I am 461 ranking XD

  16. Gotham: How to become a GM
    Also Gotham: I am an IM

  17. To be clever is to effectively use or find available resources to reach a destination. Thank you for guiding us to them.

  18. When I become a Grandmaster, I will credit Levy and GothamChess. I just learned the caro kann at the age of 34 so I'm sure I'll be improving my ability towards GM.

  19. Levy should study chess ina mountain where there is lava boiling to boost his brain power

  20. That ranking system is wonky for sure. Like how is a woman master lower than a candidate master? Or a WGM lower than an IM? Just the terms in general don’t match up. I mean ok if you take the highest male rate and female rate maybe that’s how they get the terms but still it’s stupid how it isn’t congruent.

  21. your opponent really is a strong attacking player.

  22. Im looking this video now and you are saying that u hope to achieve 200k subscribers. Look at you know with 1.6million subs! really enjoying watching your videos 🙂

  23. That's too ez to travel around the world
    Especially when the person lives in Syria 💔

  24. why exactly do i have to perform better for some kind of recognition (title) than a woman has to? 2200 vs 2000 for the first title is a maaaassive difference. 2000 is possible as someone who hasn't played as a kid but is rather gifted, but 2200?

  25. How to become a GrandMaster

    – Tutorial by IM GothamChess

  26. I'm 450 rated, i won like 15 in a row vs people 300-500. Then I lost like 7 in a row vs 550+ rated. So i call myself a Grandbeginner.

  27. i simply guide others to the treasure i cannot posses

  28. "This is called the Bloemenveld Gambit. I knew he was going to play it." How the fuck do you know what someone is going to play? I am new to chess and I dont get it at all. Why would you even know

  29. So, WGM & WIM really mean 'Weak' GM & IM. That's both condescending and insulting to women!
    Seems to imply that FIDE thinks that women cannot compete on a level playing field, but want to give them a 'prize', for trying??
    Don't try and encourage women to play chess by 'dumbing down' their ratings levels; instead give them greater access and encouragement to play at the tournament level. And I don't mean by having 'Women Only' events – that just deepens the 'mental' dividing line between the sexes.
    I believe chess should be played on a 'level playing field'; not segregated by religion, creed, gender, …
    Heck, if dolphins and crows ever learn to play chess, they should be in too.. 🙂

  30. Also… if a woman plays at a level equiv. to an IM or a GM, can she get the IM or GM title (without the demeaning 'W') ?

  31. Can you work your way up to GM without having to travel all over the world? I'm assuming that you live in a large city like NYC where they have lots of local chess tournaments?

  32. I think my mom is starting to understand my want to play chess more and I am 12 wishing I could be a 13 GM

  33. 12:58 My n00b @$$ wouldve probably played knight e8 but i realize the rook can move up pinning the queen instead of my plan to actually win the rook because queen cant take.

    I have a question tho.. also I would like to say I think your videos are great, they are enjoyable and informative but.. why do GMs/IMs/famous chess players talk about themselves all the time? My instinct is that it's immature hubris.. but it could also be "promoting the brand" but who says that's welcome.. it could still be seen as hubris.. so why talk so much about yourself? please enlighten me someone..

  34. It's crazy that this video was posted over a year ago, and as I'm listening to him say he is chasing the 200k subs, I'm staring at his 1.72 million current subscribers. Levi has improved his position.

  35. How to join and play chess online? Please share information

  36. Brother, you’re the best.

    I’m subscribed now (for the past month,) and thumbs up when I remember which I’ll try to be better at.

    I enjoy your style, honesty and free spirit.

    Moved to the Philippines and picked up chess again to keep me out of trouble.

    Last I seriously played was while in the Marines against a gunnery Sgt who was rated 1800 during the first Gulf War in some cat-box of a desert in Saudi Arabia. (Before then after the invasion.)

    I simply wish to focus better and improve my game. Thank you ever so much for your videos.

    I truly appreciate them.

    Blessed Be Brother.

  37. Wait u were on 200k a year ago and now 1.7m good job gotham I love you

  38. I am a 10 yo trying to break his record. LOng way to go from 300 Elo.

  39. I win more than I lose. There is never anything wrong with dedication.

  40. Those who can’t do, make YouTube videos about the subject

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