How to Beat Stronger Chess Players with GM Gormally – New Sicilian Ideas! (GingerGM)

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Grandmaster Danny Gormally has decades of experience as a chess trainer and player at the highest levels. In the following chess video excerpt taken from the chess DVD ¨Improve Your Practical Play¨ GM Gormally examines a very interesting line with the black pieces in the Fischer-Sozin Variation of the Sicilian Najdorf.

GM Gormally explains an extremely interesting line where black plays an early ..b5 and ..Qb7 featuring an eclectic fianchetto of the black queen to introduce further pressure on white’s e4 pawn while maintaining the black bishop on c8 to defend against the typical sacrifice by white on black’s e6 pawn in this line.

GM Gormally’s experience really shines through in this chess video as he explains fundamental concepts in the Sicilian Najdorf, making this complicated chess opening scheme much more understandable for beginner and intermediate chess players.

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  1. At 11 mins and 8 seconds why didn’t you take his castle with the bishop?

  2. Loved this! Especially me being a hardcore Sicilian player. I use najdorf a lot but now I'm starting to use the dragon more because of its insane tactics. I'm rated 1422 and climbing.

  3. Why did you use GM Williams' song for this video?

  4. This lecture is amazing! Teaches some skills you can't aquire from just learning to play good moves. Thanks

  5. 12:00 Your Nc5 was actually the computer's first choice way ahead of d5

  6. It takes courage to talk about ones loss

  7. Really insightful – the concept of psychology when playing a stronger player is very intriguing.  GM Gormally has a wonderful sense of humor, too – would be awesome to have him as a chess coach!

  8. Thanks Gormally!!! Enjoyed the perspective.

  9. What a brilliant video. We've all been there, playing against a stronger opponent and suffering from nerves. The way Gomelly jokes about the trembling hand that picks the piece up – so accurate a description and funny. Many thanks for your honesty and for posting the video on YouTube.

  10. At 22.50 when pawn e4-e5 and than black queen move into a7+ Why didn't bishop at g5 run into e3 to blocking that black queen ?, and black knight still under atack the white pawn e5.

  11. The title is wrong.  This excerpt isn't about how to beat stronger players, it's about how to lose to stronger players.

  12. This guy just has a calm,funny cool way of explaining.

  13. I appreciate and admire your honesty. It was as educational and uplifting as your instruction. Thank you.

  14. I am not that great of a player myself, but I can tell that bishop d7 was a huge blunder I think. Your knight is still isolated. You can only force him on the H file or on the back rank forcing your rooks to not be in line. I feel that was a huge blunder. Shockingly most of what you said made a lot of sense and i was saying in my head prior to you actually doing it minus a few of the moves you felt you made mistakes on.

  15. It's always nice to have a GM give a commentary. 

  16. at 15.25 instead of rb1,what about nxe6?threatening bxra7..

  17. Superb vid.  Danny is humble enough to show a loss which will provide great instruction for us.  

  18. Hehe….so funny Gm Gormally said in those positions Carlsen and Kasparov would calculate till mate…lol.

  19. Danny Gormally reminds me of Gelfand…….

  20. When he said that he resigned when the DSB was used to interpose the queen check and then said that he was going to lose a piece for nothing, he was actually incorrect, because he didn't mention that he had the counter- attack of Nh5 attacking the white queen. If Bxa7 then Nxg3 and then there is some sort of compensation for the knight which could still lead to very good game to follow. Of course black still is a whole knight down, but with the board still looking like it will be wide open in the center, the bishop will still be a formidable piece in the endgame.

  21. I like that a strong player like Gormally can talk with humility about his weaknesses for the betterment of other players. Really valuable for new and improving players, refreshing too as the internet hosts a lot of big chess egos willing to put others down while talking about how good they think they are. 

  22. GM Gormally has a very easy going manner, his analysis was fun to watch and easy to understand.
    Thank you. 

  23. Why ….cxd5?!  when Black has Bxa3 winning a Rook outright ? !  I cannot understand it !

  24. I guess u saw the B e7 defending a3 where u placed the rook

  25. brilliant … GM Gormally is strong as he is fearless in sharing how one can glean moral and ideas for improvement after a tough loss to the highest quality of competitor….we should all behave like wise….improvement can be the result….thank you for sharing this…great demonstration…thank you.

  26. This was very instructive and yet quite funny at moments 😀 very nice video 🙂

  27. nf6 hurts the eye, u don't play a move like that even in 1 minute bullet chess

  28.  Stop making excuses, you got turned over by a better player. Better luck next time 😉

  29. Could GM Gormally make a video on how to punch stronger opponents, Aronian for example, as well? 😉

  30. Your parody of Simon Williams makes me kind of jealous – I want to have a beer with him as well – a german one!

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