How to Beat Stronger Chess Players with GM Gormally – New Sicilian Ideas! (GingerGM)

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Grandmaster Danny Gormally has decades of experience as a chess trainer and player at the highest levels. In the following chess video excerpt taken from the chess DVD ¨Improve Your Practical Play¨ GM Gormally examines a very interesting line with the black pieces in the Fischer-Sozin Variation of the Sicilian Najdorf.

GM Gormally explains an extremely interesting line where black plays an early ..b5 and ..Qb7 featuring an eclectic fianchetto of the black queen to introduce further pressure on white’s e4 pawn while maintaining the black bishop on c8 to defend against the typical sacrifice by white on black’s e6 pawn in this line.

GM Gormally’s experience really shines through in this chess video as he explains fundamental concepts in the Sicilian Najdorf, making this complicated chess opening scheme much more understandable for beginner and intermediate chess players.

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  1. Could you explain some moves for 16. C5 x E4 and why strong players don't play a move like exchanging 2 pawns for a N?

  2. " wasn't even slightly concerned…I was about to feel sorry for him… and then I see him reach for his bishop"
    lol made my day

    I did also considered Qa7+ not seeing that freekin bishop! It's like it's invisible or something

  3. wow, superb. i first heard of danny gormally from simon williams site. this is the first real listen i have spent on gormally's game idea's… this was excellent to me. thanks danny and thanks for the video.

  4. I think the reason you didn't capture the b2 pawn was because you feared your queen might fall into the infamous poison pawn trap.

  5. Wouldn't it have better to play against such a strong player something different and not the (Naydorf) variation you play each day? It is clear that he would have a special preparation. Well maybe you lose anyway, but the surprise is on your side.

  6. Everybody talks only about the sicilian. WHY?

  7. In a video, the says that 1/10 of the time you study chess only should be for opening…Why then do the at least 9/10 of the videos are of opening?

  8. This is an excellent and enjoyable video. I just finished (two hours ago) reading Gormally's impressive book: A Year Inside the Chess World (2016). Now I want to buy his videos.

  9. In this video, a GM rambles on about "feeling" the right moves. Super helpful chess strategy here, folks.

  10. > how to beat a stronger opponent
    > talks about a game he lost

    this is dollar-store dvd material here

  11. Very entertaining and instructive video! Thanks!

  12. That was a very helpful and entertaining video. "I started feeling sorry for him "cause I thought, a few years ago he was playing for the world championship and then suddenly he's losing to me." Too funny!

  13. Just one question. As a very weak club player, I've never understood how repeatedly losing to stronger players game after game after game can possibly help me to become a better player! So how does that work exactly?

  14. Is there a possibility to the link of the game GM Gormally is referring to around 7 minutes.

  15. Love this analysis, the use of psychology is actually really interesting

  16. So, stay calm, hold your nerve, calculate…I still don't know anymore than I already did. I enjoyed the video though and your honesty though surprised at the end, though, I do understand the intimidation factor for sure. Thank you for the vid.

  17. Early on Black made two mistakes: moved the queen around too early and did not castle quickly.

  18. I played along side GM Gormally two days ago at the NCA Rapidplay. He of course won the tournament. He was quite happy to chat with the rest of the field, even players below his rating. He is a true gent!

  19. I know Gormally from his book "A Year Inside the Chess World", which I recommend to everybody who wants to know more about the life of professional chess players. The guy is very honest, and I can imagine some young players with ambitions to get GMs would probably think twice this after reading his book. GMs have a quite difficult life. Thank you very much Gormally for the great video!

  20. Life is a self fulfilling prophecy if you believe you can you can and if you believe you can't then you cant.

  21. Very enjoyable lecture, I love that huge chess set he's using, can't identify it. Does anyone know that set? Thanks.

  22. "I don't believe in psychology. I believe in good moves." -Bobby Fischer

  23. … back again .. every once in a while i just have to watch this video – again – because it is just so f^%$% great!!! LOLLOLLOL

  24. What type of chess pieces is that? In,the 2D board

  25. Why didnt you take rook with bishop???????????

  26. thank you for giving us a game to learn

  27. #Friendship _is _all _about _three _things _winning _losing _and _sharing.
    # Winning your _friends _heart losing yourself_ ego _and _sharing _joys _and _sorrows.!!!❤❤💜❤💙💚
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  28. In the opening minutes, he described this line as the Sozin variation.
    Back when, when I studied openings, I'm sure the Sozin was Bc4 against the "classic" Sicilian with Nc6, not the Najdorf. At that time, because Bobby Fischer was the foremost proponent of Bc4 against the Najdorf, the line was generally referred to as "The Fischer Line" against the Sicilian.
    Have no idea how books label this line today, but there is a very big difference attacking the Sicilian Nc6 vs the Najdorf.

  29. Too much respect for your opponent.
    You'll never beat anyone you believe is a God.
    Is why the best games I've played against players hundreds of ratings points higher than myself have always been when I didn't know who they were.
    Just play the board!
    Even if the guy is a God he can't do anything that breaks the rules of the board!

  30. Love your obvious chess strength, honesty and humour, thx

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