How to beat amateur players at chess

…and occasionally get beat

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  1. I watched the video and it took til 44:40 mark til I saw a move before him lol. It was the queen to B4 move. Cause I'm an average player and have to win with my queen

  2. "I'm just gonna tickle his rook."

    That's what she said.

  3. At 24:47 your opponent could of played Qd3 and after Nh5, Rook takes knight on c6, and after you take back, night takes e5, d6xe5, qxe8, rxe8, rxe8, qf8, rxf8, kxf8, bxe5 and he wins 2 pawns

  4. Bro, like he says this brings him back to childhood?!! Where was I? Why did I not get into chess before 34!!?! Ugh

  5. Video so old he doesn't even go for the Stafford in game 2, FeelsBadMan

  6. 2:19:15 I’m literally watching this entire tournament instead of reading like I should

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  8. 1000 rated player: tries to scholar mate
    Rosen: talks about the entire history of scholar mate while taking all of his opponent pieces

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  10. Anyone have a good site to go to for good classical wood chess sets?

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  12. Eric – pls hang the rook.
    Opponent – left his rook .
    Eric – oh he left the rook . So generous of him

  13. Gotta love how the first guy tried to scholars mate an IM

  14. 3:58 eric missed nh5 cant believe it
    edit: oh he realised the second after lol

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  17. Eric, instantly: here's a fun line, and I think I'm just winning material?

    Me after calculating for 80 seconds: okay I'll start with Ne4….*hangs Queen*

  18. 0:43:00 – that arrow was meant to be across to the A8 rook, is that right?

    And …

    1:08:06 – take more credit: let's call this two dimensions. Two is more than one

  19. When Rosen calls a 1600 "slightly better" than 1000 he really hurt my feelings!

  20. "How t beat amateur players at chess"" Start with being an IM….then graduate to Eric Rosen

  21. "There is a funny line" says Eric before connecting all the chakras and going into Avatar state.

  22. Man i'm 700 so i think i'm not even allowed to watch this

  23. Before Eric Rosen was the most aggressive gambit chess player in streaming.

  24. 'How to beat amateur players' ooh interesting. 'Sees players rated at 1800' me at 1200…😭

  25. 14:42 Rook D7 won a free bishop because the only move to save it would blunder mate.

  26. How to beat 'amateur players' at chess
    amateur players : 1700+ elo

  27. Had fun watching this, crazy how much smoother and more charismatic he’s gotten on stream.

  28. Eric back then: plays super safe, consistent repertoire and commentates every single game, even for simpler moves, providing great instructive chess

    Eric now: B E A C H C A F E Opening, Stafford, traps in every move, "There's a funny line", "Oh no my queen", "pin and fork makes pork", "I forgot pawns can't move backwards"

    Truly the greatest character arc this season, can't wait for season 2

  29. at 2:46:45 when you played Nb1, wouldn't Bd6 have been a good option?

  30. how to beat amateur players at chess: don't be an amateur player at chess.

  31. straight bullying these kids lol love ur content Eric

  32. I just love watching you play! You think out loud and it’s so educational!!! Thank you for being so transparent. ❤️

  33. 48:38 does queen b2 work? Double attack with queen and threaten the fork on rook and queen?

  34. Whenever I watch vids from pre 2020 I always feel bad for those poor bastards who are living the good life and have no idea of the crazy world they will soon find themselves

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