How SNEAKY Chess Players CHEAT – Joe Rogan


  1. I love how they make it sound impossible to say b e5 like that wouldn’t be possible even tho you could indicate that in literally under a second

  2. What the hell omg look at them graphics gosh now that's some intense graphic rite there

  3. I make custom hearing aids for a living. You don't need Morse code. I can easily make a device that will transmit and receive audio wirelessly that would be impossible to detect without an otoscopic examination. People needing Morse code or to wear a 'wire' for high level secret communication has been a thing of the past for a while.

  4. They can just insert a chip in their body somewhere that vibrates in Morse code

  5. Or, send just 3 musical tones or sounds, from a scale of 8 possible notes: xyz = Nc3 and so on. All you have to send is information on which of the player's pieces ought to end up on which square. You wouldn't need perfect pitch, just a modest ability to distinguish tones that are very far apart.

  6. morse code and land navigation are great attributes in any game , chess is similar to life choices and the consequences of one bad move will not end your game like e.g checkers if you think chess is cool try playing Chinese "GO " Crazy hard ,so many different plays and take a year to get the hang of , Chinese believe in counter attack , intelligence and sneaky af lol different levels of iq .

  7. I always zone out when Lex talks..

  8. only realistic solution would be to have them play in an isolated room with 2 people allowed and having the broadcast delayed 1 minute or a bit less, measures would have to be taken against cheating in chess.

  9. "Generally speaking, Chinese people look Chinese."
    Joe "The Podcasting Ape" Rogan M. D.

  10. We all agree that Sigma is just a mental health issue, right boys?

  11. A chess move is literally just 3 symbols QD3 for example. In Morse code it is not even that Hard to figure out

  12. It doesn't tell you the play to make, though I'm sure some have tried. It's used to tell you there is a significant play you can make that can lead you to a win, and it's to help you regonize its that turn.

  13. Lex is the dumbest pretend smart guy I know

  14. Ok he got the information through beads. But how did he get the information out? Who helped him how? I don't know. I think this is fake and Magnus is a pussy.

  15. The Morse code is always the one guy that coughs in between a chess match

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