How Much Money Do Chess Players Make #chess

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Chess goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  1. What chess player make ❌What youtuber make ✅

  2. magnus is just giga level giga. No questions asked. Whatsoever.

  3. Hey guys! Who makes the most money for chess content? (Answer below)

    Ofc ChessNuke for his absolute amazing and awesome chess content!

  4. Did you like my previous username: MAGNUS CAR MECHANIC

  5. what chess players do: takes takes takes take Qe7 takes takes Qb7 mate

  6. I expected less most chess professionals need to truly get in the top to get some good money else they will have money problems


  8. Hallo, i am he guy who lost against thw 2000 player

  9. "What do you do for living?"
    Levy : sacrificing the ROOOOOOOOOK

  10. Unless you are a streamer or a super gm instead of playing chess maybe you should reconsider your life choices or
    Play poker like swagnus 😎
    And chill like ding 🥶

  11. Chess nuke -I make a lot of money

    The next day -Someone breaks into his house

    Btw I was joking l love your videos

  12. GM Praggnanandhaa Rameshbabu made $129,000 in 2022 and only played in one event!

  13. Bro streamer + Chess gm is a money cheat code

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