How Much Do Chess Players Earn? #shorts #chess

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  1. Magnitudes my ass. Magnus probably makes at least a million and Levy probably makes 2 or 3 million

  2. It's kinda morbid how so many young men spend so much time on something so dead end.

  3. Well… The thing is magnus can also stream and make tons of money, but he is at his prime, he is one of the best, so it's not time for him to fully start conten creating and stop playing. Magnus is already millionaire and more money is only important, when you have a need, which magnus does not have.

  4. Magnus could make 10x what Levy makes he just doesn’t give a fck he streams when he feels like streaming with friends drinks etc 😅

  5. Well considering for content creation once you hit around 50k you're making a good living depending on your platform and your audience. (YouTube subs are worth more than tiktok subs)

  6. This is the same in poker. People make more money being coaches and making content than actually playing poker. Well some are obviously very good but they don’t make content or coach

  7. I’m confused at what part is hard to wrap your head around

  8. Gothamchess basically exists on clickbaiting Magnus. If he earns magnitudes more money, Carlsen’s team is doing a poor job.

  9. Magnus has brand deals and owns some medium sized companies. Levy MIGHT make more, but not orders of magnitude more.

  10. Levy is so annoying, I don't get all the hype

  11. Well, Magnus has big brand, but certainly Levy makes more if we just count tournaments

  12. I wonder what the drop off is though. Like, does the 100 ranked chess player make more than the 100th most successful chess content creator? I would guess yes

  13. There's a decent chance that Levy makes more in total than Magnus does from playing chess, but Magnus is a shareholder in multiple companies and has multiple ways of income, so it's doubtful that Levy earns more than Magnus in total.

  14. And Ben Finegold makes as much money streaming as an IM with a phone hidden in his shoe.

  15. Craig Jones t-shirt in a video about chess?

    My worlds are colliding.

  16. Guys when you upload content like this you need to link the shows it's cut from so people go watch it then subscribe…….

  17. Levy is a Jew of course he knows how to make money. And I say that with all levity, and in good fun 😂

  18. I doubt Levy makes more than Magnus

  19. Dude you're a GM, how can you not comprehend it? Its simple, content creation is fun and understandable, unlike the high level chess you play, that people cant even understand without commentary 🤦

  20. I have to wonder if you compared #1 in chess to #1 in content creation, #2 in chess to #2 in content creation, and so on… would there be a transition from content creation to chess being more lucrative or is content creation always a better money printer?

    And if so, why aren't the top tier guys cashing in? Are they afraid they'll drop 100 rating points trying to dumb it down for us?

  21. Magnus’ net worth is 50 million, this seems like a stretch of several magnitudes as there’s only 2 youtubers with a higher net worth than this.

  22. Missed opportunity to say "he probably makes like several Magnustudes" 🙂

  23. B-Team and chess in the same video? My algorithm is working

  24. Cristian had a great question: are there 20 chess content creators who make a full time income? It seems like everyone has to supplement with 5-10 income sources outside of content alone

  25. A lot of Chess Content creators are cashing in on their “Only Hans”

  26. Cristian, you + me, chess + BJJ collab.

  27. That is because chess is one of the only games that doesn't have tv viewership money . People are ok with watching free live board positions and not players .world number of 5000 levy makes more than magnus . It is farcical lol

  28. Only in chess does the world number 5000 makes more money than magnus . That is because chess doesn't generate tv money and people are content with following free live board positions

  29. There's no way levy makes more than Magnus. Youtube ad revenue and the few sponsorships here and there is no where near the amount of sponsorships Magnus gets for being the face of chess

  30. So is he talking about just magnus carlsen tournament winnings which I remember was around 9million USD, but what happens when u consider the recent acquisition of playmagnus group

  31. i dont believe this, Magnus makes millions a year, is gotham chess making tens of millions a yer?

  32. Cristian is probably right though, to a certain extent at least. There really aren't that many chess content creators who can make a sustainable living out of it. Main difference that sticks out to me is I guess that for playing chess it's top 20 worldwide who can make a living from chess. For content creators it's probably top 20 per language they create in who can make a living from it.

  33. I think he meant that Levy makes more money on chess content than Magnus makes from winning chess matches. For example, say Magnus makes a million a year from chess tournaments, but Levy makes 10 million a year from YouTube and Twitch. However, Magnus makes more from his own sponsorships and everything else, including that he literally sold his company to chesscom, which I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't to the tune of tens of millions.

  34. and he sacrificed… ABSOLUTELY no money. He kept all of his money.

  35. I think that Caruana is comparing how much money Levy made making money on content creation versus Carlsen.

  36. Magnus makes a lot of money from owning multiple companies such as chess24 so levy is so where near Magnus in earnings. Magnus net worth is 50mil

  37. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    Magnitudes more than Magnus?

  38. Teach a man to play chess and he eats for a day. Teach a man to teach chess for a day and he eats everyday.

  39. I didn't expect such a wrong fact about Magnus from a guy like Fabi, who's played him for so many years. Magnus and Hikaru are absolutely the top earners of the chess community, levy is 3rd

  40. Of course there are more than 20 people make a decent living with content creation about chess. World is a lot bigger than english speaking community. You can easily say most of countries have at least 1 person who makes living out of content pf chess.

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