How I Accidentally Won a Chess Tournament

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  1. hold on in the first match against xqc and hikaru the pawn takes pawn move, what was the idea hikaru had to move a pawn?

  2. "They gave an extra 3 minutes, I don't know why I think he slept with the judges"

  3. guys guys whatever the outcome, we've got to admit it…

    Sardouche was right, he didn't even need a tiebreak 😂😂

  4. Can’t believe hutch was in this. Him and Sark are the. OG GOATS of YT

  5. anyone else notice that ludwigs right eye is higher in his eye socket than his left eye

  6. I don't think Northernlions plan was far beyond the mistake; He sacrificed THE ROOOOOOOKKKKK on purpose!

  7. Queen and rook check mate is called cable mainia we love her

  8. Tie breakers are comparing your loves to the best engine move

  9. I feel like I’m watching a church sermon

  10. Hikaru Nakamura is the best twitch streamer

  11. 21:47 the eh! is in sunc with the music ow my lord that was harmony

  12. Both student becomes master and I will revenge my sensei this is the best anime video ever

  13. 12:34 bishop sac. If black plays correctly you still have the rook trick

  14. "he slept with on of the judges"
    got me cracking

  15. I love this video and he had a good story teller

  16. Bro said fundi slept with one of the judges 💀

  17. you are so good ludwig! i idolize you in every way! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

  18. "i forced him against his will" me; that sounds familiar

  19. My bishop is a free man. Wait his bishop is black

  20. 21:28 I just wanna say he isn’t even close to be a pro rocket league player, this guy is one of the worst player of the game

  21. Him : I sacrificed my bishop
    Me : Isn't that a trade though 💀

  22. you know its gettin good when the mha music kicks in

  23. Ahh, yes. Plot armor at its finest.

  24. So I’m confused if the mistake was taking with the pawn trapping the rook it wasn’t XQCs fault right because he was the hand right?

  25. This is my twentieth time watching this video

  26. bro xntacion the polish chess streamer have 100000 pepole on the stream

  27. First I was like: No way that Ludwig is that good that he would win! Then I heard that it was teams and I was like: Oh ok

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