How I Accidentally Went from 0-2000 in Chess in 2 Years

Two years ago, I didn’t know how to play chess. This is the story of my journey to a 2000 rapid rating on

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00:00 – Intro
00:25 – How it all started
01:54 – Playing for fun
02:27 – 1000
03:23 – The OTB chess community
05:19 – Operation 2000
06:23 – Puzzles and 1500
07:56 – Openings
09:39 – Suddenly 1600, 1700, 1800
12:22 – Endgames and 1900 pt. 1
13:28 – Tilt
14:08 – Ups and downs and 1900 pt. 2
15:44 – Patience
17:48 – The last game
19:37 – Thanks for watching


Graphics/cinematography/editing: Kamryn

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Special thanks to:
Todd Wolf
Bismarck Chess Club
Fargo Chess Club
KX News

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  1. As a London player (more like, London spammer), I feel really inspired by your last game. I just reached 1100 today – I started at 255 in 2021, climbed all the way to 1000 in 2022, went offline a bit before decided to hit the board again and got to 1100 this very day. I might be interested to follow your path, and hopefully I'll be on that level soon enough.

    Again, thanks for your really inspiring video and story! Congratulations on reaching 2000!

  2. Trust me or no I went from0-1600 in 7months.

  3. I'm going to upload a video ''how i accidentally made 1 million dollars''

  4. Bro I’ve been playing chess for 2 years as well and I’m at around 700-1000 Eli like bruh

  5. Nobody “accidentally“ focuses on chess for three hours a day. Incredible story well done !

  6. This is not accidental progress whatsoever. You put the work in. The adverb in the title is out of place

  7. Can you share the books are resources you used along the way. Which resources helped you the most?

  8. Just want you to know, your videos have helped me the most by far – because they’ve helped me figure out “how” to get better better. 😊🎉 Thank you!!

  9. meanwhile tyler1 is already 1400 rating in 2-3 months lol

  10. Damn… i cant even do it on purpose

  11. 9 months ago I had no idea what was chess now I’m a 1,000 hikaru magnus Tyler1 and frank and I’m coming

  12. @Kamryn My question is that you put all these hours into chess how did that translate to your life? do you think clearer? Does your chess play help the through process in your life decisions? or should you put your efforts elsewhere like personal finance/career (for example) because you're focusing on that area it translates to your quality of life?

  13. amazing inspirational video!!! hard work pays off! how many hours of really structured work it took ? probably 1500? or even more ?

  14. I've been stuck at my current level in Go (Baduk) for a while now, and your journey is exactly THE motivation I need! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  15. Amazing is great and may be very good lesson to the other, who want to learn a chess player. we really appreciate, keep learning and discover the uniqueness of playing chess

  16. Someone send this to Tyler1 to reach his 2000 elo goal

  17. Hahahahahaha…you are a phenomenon congrats!!
    I bet that you are going to be the worlds champion till 2014……… January

  18. Great work!
    Though i would be more interested in your OTB classical rating.

  19. im 1470. watched this video like 9 times. good work!)

  20. This is one of the best videos I’ve ever seen. This is such a good video that I even subscribed although I only watched one video. Also this motivated me to try to climb the mountain and also reach 2000 Elo.

  21. I played a lot 10 minutes game yesterday for the first time and by the end of the day settled on a score of 218 😂😂😂

  22. I started playing chess at the end of summer 2022, since then I have gone through a lot, but I was self-taught, and I had to face a lot of disappointments, but every time I did not give up and continued to go towards the goal of 2000, I watched this video several times, it inspired me, I believe that other people with persistence and purpose can also achieve this.

  23. a lot of people forget that 2000 in rapid online chess is like 1600 maybe 1700 OTB rating. So it's not too crazy to achieve that in 2 years. I believe everyone can do it if they put the time and effort to study regularly. If you study every day for 1 hour you will be even faster

  24. States "how I accidentally went from 0-2000", proceeds with 20 minute video showing all this rigorous training, studying and practice….yeah totally "accident"…..clickbait. Only thing missing was the Rocky theme…

  25. I got all this steps settled in, but what I'm struggling with, is the study material. How can I find good study material? I really like reading chess books, so that would be wonderful.

  26. A true inspirational story….. You've gained a new subscriber…..How can I not, and we share the same love for a game…. It's amazing how pieces on a board can bring people together……Truly inspirational miss!!! You motivated me to start back studying like I did in the beginning of my chess journey…. Thank you, and keep going…. Let's get to 2100👍👍👍

  27. Good Job Kamryn. I have been playing for many years, but never studied until recently. Now i have been studying allmost daily for 2 months, and my rapid rating has increased about 60 rating currently. I'm eyeballing the 1600 rating.

  28. You improved because the right side (intuitive) of your brain took over. But it was greatly fuelled by the left side (logical/analytical) of your brain. Those games, puzzles, analysis and theories sure paid off.

  29. Thank you for this brilliant, inspiring, and educational video. And, congratulations on achieving your goal! You may have "accidentally" revealed the path to success in any endeavor.

  30. I watched this yesterday and had to come back to tell you how inspired I am by your story! Thank you for sharing, for giving me a little nudge to keep going, and congratulations!!

  31. i think l am falling in love with you and all your content

  32. Amazing video with a lot of great pointers!! Thank you so much and congratulations on your achievement! A new subscriber in me!

  33. Congratulations I have also set the goal to reach 2000 in chess by the end of 2024!

  34. I'll come back to this video when I inevitably get demotivated again.

  35. Real life beth Harmon ❤ Hard to say that’s more impressive here – your chess skills vs story telling. 🎉 also your YT thumbnail should be your face expression as the screen reveals the 2000 rating, I have got your video a few times on my feed but only clicked on it today! 🙂

  36. This is very inspiring 😊 I recently got back into chess. So much fun

  37. Story is excellent. Videography is excellent. Well thought out and executed, much like your chess skills. Have you thought about the transference of these skillsets? Great job – congrats on 2k.

  38. Not accidentally at all, but well done!

  39. Am 1600 in just 5 months,so am really pumped up and motivated if you can do it i definetely can aswell

  40. Wow. Thank you all so much. Two years ago, I never could have imagined how much chess was going to take over my life – and how this story would resonate with so many people. I truly appreciate all the support. Again, thank you!

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