How highest level chess players mess with each other

Anish Giri misses Hikaru’s queen sac in this head to head clash of streaming SuperGMs.


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  1. plot twist: stream sniper tell hikaru to sac queen for content,

  2. So, chess is just remembering the move order?
    I thought chess is about creativity

  3. See im not gonna be fast im gonna be slow and methodical “9 second move”😂. Makes sense when its 3 minutes but still

  4. has anyone figured out what Hikaru's definition of juicer is? haha

  5. Me: Blinks!
    Board: Criss Cross all over!
    Miss it

  6. One of my favorite videos of yours. I liked the 3/1 as it was fast enough to be entertaining but slow enough with commentary to see the ideas behind the moves.

  7. Anish' reaction to the unexpected and missed Q sacrifice was priceless…
    But the rest of your video is absolutely invaluable to players of all levels.
    You deserve all the rewards you're getting for streaming your thoughts, I can't think of a better resource for all players to learn how to approach the game, each and every stream and video you create is top notch instruction I don't where can be gotten anywhere else.

  8. Which time format is he playing in this video?

  9. Remind me again, is 3 | 1 different to 3 | 0?

    Sorry, love your content <3

  10. Anyone have link to Anish's stream so can see the portion before/after the 'queen sac'

  11. What rhymes with nakamura? :DD AVOCADO LMAO

  12. "3+1 blitz is like classical". Hikaru really talks nonsense all the time 😀

  13. what's the song/remix in the background?

  14. Koube is the beautiful city
    Please tell me when you come to Japan 🇯🇵
    . I really want to see you real

  15. The video should be titled "This game is 3+1 not 3+0"

  16. “You guys want me to sac my queen for content?” LMAOOOOOO

  17. man ….. saying 3|1 is like classical is some big BS

  18. Banger alert! A lot of the songs are on the album Clueless by Lime Sauce

  19. So the key to defeat a GM is to play so bad that they will never consider your never movement

  20. That feel when you're too much a brainlet to understand chess humor. Feelsbadman

  21. GM level opening theory: how do I play something random that isn’t just bad?

  22. 0:53 "im gonna play a bad order" : goes A5 best computer move

  23. Grandmasters 50 years ago: feared, respected and great thinkers.
    Grandmasters now: Hikaru go brrrr

  24. Hikaru is a true gentleman and a fabulous personality

  25. Anyone know why Anish doesn’t take the bishop on d7 with his knight 12:08

  26. so do you have to play 3 0 slower or 3 1 ? I didnt get that

  27. Yep, with the AnishOnYoutube game, trying unsuccessfully sacking the queen is itself interesting content :).

  28. "My ops cover all these squares"

  29. Three one is very slow like a classical game

  30. Anything for Content – Anish Giri, 2020

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