How Good Are Chess Players at Trivia Questions?

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  1. I knew hikaru would be good in this when I clicked the video

  2. Guy in the glasses is an absolute UNIT lmao probably had to duck through the door

  3. Canada focused questions is not trivia

  4. Every SGM cheats, Hikaru obviously got beads for this.

  5. Hikaru just premoved the forced mate in 3

  6. "is he a celebrity though?" Anish just being Anish.

  7. thats not trivia that was turist guide for canada i mean com on put some real general knowledge questions

  8. Hikaru with the word obviously.. man is a savage

  9. The color grading is completely bonkers. We're there like 5 different cameras?

  10. Petition to change the title to Chess players roasting celebs

  11. Being a Canadian eh, with maple syrup coursing through my veins bud, true north strong and free, I do concur that Danny Rensch is, in fact, not a celebrity.

  12. If we know how many things Hikaru can do within a 3 minutes:

    – Listening to music
    – Dance his head to the correct tempo of the music
    – Chatting
    – Telling Jokes
    – Comment about politics, stock market, culture, travel, food etc.. basically anything
    – Playing chess at the super high level

    He knows everything, guys!

  13. I swear these videos are just made to show us just how much of a Chad Hikaru is

  14. as a canadian i got 1 right, and that was the first one

  15. Hikaru is something of a hockey fan, so the hockey team question was easy for him

  16. Hikaru in last was like ya I will do a gta walk.

  17. Hikaru premoving questions
    -Lady: Who is the current prime minister of Canada?
    – Hikaru: I believe he studied engineering in 2002, but did not graduated. Justin Trudeau.
    -Lady: You want to hear the available choices?
    -Hikaru: Ohh itΒ΄s multiple choice…

  18. these questions were all about Canada, how come ? not very diverse

  19. noone:
    Anish: But is he a celebrity? 🀣

  20. Danny Rensch is most definitely not a celebrity.

  21. Hikaru lived in Canada for a few years if I'm not mistaken. No way he was missing any of those aha

  22. Danny Rensch is not a celebrity lol

  23. It's easier for Hikaru who is American. You ask the same questions about some european city / country, you'll see how the european GMs will outperform him.

  24. Quizmaster : Hikaru
    Hikaru : yes please
    Quizmaster : Can we ask you a few questions
    Hikaru : I already answered that.

  25. Oh god Janek, why you're so savage ☠️

  26. For being the Icon of Toronto he sure is in a lot of other cities wearing jerseys that are definitely not for any team from Toronto.

  27. also hikaru: "okay so its now a four sided triangle"

  28. as a fellow canadien i am proud of these excellent trivia questions

  29. Hikaru would be triple threat if he understood memes

  30. "yes, but is he (Danny Rensch) a celebrity?" E M O T I O N A L D A M A G E

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