How Chess Can Revolutionize Learning: Cody Pomeranz at TEDxYale

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  1. i played like 3 games of chess in school cause we had boards but no one wanted to actually play during breaks

  2. From watching lila chess zero I've learned to make difficult sacrifices when focusing on initiative in life….nower days I make tougher smarter decisions more frequently in the hope of achieving an incredible accomplishments….which to lila chess zero would be a great cheat mate against stock fish…my initiative is success btw and I'm 18

  3. Actually gender does matter …. more thn 90% champions are men

  4. And we have maurice Ashley in the background

  5. Why is tedtalks so obsessed with low volume.

  6. Did he just say that gender doesn't matter when it comes to chess? Good joke, buddy.

  7. Is that Maurice Ashley? One of the greatest chess players on the face of the Earth? Ha, he is a good commentator, but he is not even in the top 1000.

  8. Started getting into chess again and I love it! When I have kids I would love to teach them. Thank you for the lecture 🙂

  9. I started to play because I wanted to increase my intelligence. A kind friend took me their wing and taught me and we have played for hours. At first I took a long time to make moves I felt so confused. I couldn't see possiblity, I didn't have a strategy. But then it started to click I started understand the pieces better, and how to analyze the board. Honestly when I first started I didn't even like it but my hope it would grow on me made me keep trying. I'm so glad I stuck to it. Now im enjoying it and that's increasing the more and more I practice. Chess is really good stuff☺️🧠💝
    I'm so greatful for the brains ability to learn.

  10. Chess is an addiction. And once you r into it then it's difficult to come out of it. It develop urges. And if urges defeats your mind then it's difficult to focus on anything else. This thing is not a small thing. Lot of people are wasting thier time playing chess and not able to stop the urges of playing. If it's your profession u r earning money than it's all okay. Otherwise it can be dangerous. It develops memory concentration etc but it helps at an optimal level in the game only and not in the real world .

  11. Weights in the morning chess after full body mental work out

  12. Me 2 years ago “chess is for nerds” me now “I wanna be a grandmaster

  13. I just started watching this show about a orphan who learned to play chess, it’s called The Queens Gambit. The show is on Netflix. It made chess look so fun and interesting to me.

  14. The thing I like about chess is that no matter how good you are, there is still room improve. The chess engines prove that.

  15. Our education system conforms us to be unremarkable… Education must be non conforming.. let children become something without the barriers.. humanity will become something else entirely

  16. My 27 yr old son is giving me a chess lesson tonight.

  17. Say with me

    Chess must be played everywhere
    Schools, Offices, Home … Everywhere

  18. chess is overrated. at GM level, more than 50% of ALL games ends in draws. real men play Talisman, were the roll of dices decide who wins

  19. Ah yes, memorizing 50 chess boards sounds very impressive. But if the kids couldn't remember their games it'd be easy to remember his intended moves and ballpark the rest, not actually make them identical.

    But even if he did get them identical; that's his passion to the point he made it interesting by playing 50 at once… But he only needs to remember 16 pieces occupying 1 of 64 positions each across 50 boards. That's nothing compared to what Minecraft players need to memorize.

    Chess is great – it stimulates the brain and teaches sportsmanship and social interaction and should be in schools. Chess itself however is not as complicated in a technical skill or memorization as most video games.

    Star Craft II is like playing Chess on a board with 2 players needing to perform math to produce infinite pieces on a board with 100,000,000 positions that can be occupied by multiple pieces at once and both players take their turns at the same time without stopping. I'm no mathi-magician but I'm pretty sure 100,000,000 x infinity is more than 16x64x50÷3

  20. Arghhhhhh I'm up all night thinking about chess moves and contemplating my life choices. Helpppppop

  21. We need to teach children how to think and not what to think. Thank you!

  22. i think chess has too much power for a kid. chess is a game of intimidation, fear, competition, it doesnt have to be that way but thats how media represents it, thats how a lot of people play chess, especially the proffesionals, and also it infuences the game to be serious and intimidating because it has a lot of strategies and you can win if you just play the "right" moves. this causes some kind of anxiety and pressure to make the right move, which is kind of impossible as a beginner to make everything right. so when a small kid learns chess and plays, he or she might get a bit arrogant, especially children since they think they are the center of the world anyways. and then later they will think they are better than everyone , you can see it in how they talk and act. so if you have children, dont force them to play chess. chess can be dangerous to the emotional development of a child.

  23. Chess can make you a genius in life you can have crazy thinking skills

  24. Chess is such a wonderful game, 😁🇵🇭

  25. its true tho i have seen some improvements in math tbh and my teacher was like "wtf happened to u? where did all this improvement come from?"

  26. You should never teach your children chess. Because it is not a good game. This is coming from a 1600 chess addict whose brain won't shut off and who sees chess moves in his head when he wants to think about other things. It's not a good sport, and not a good game. See what happened to Fischer.

  27. Well, I just learnt chess in 2020 at the age of 14.

  28. I will never forget the way in which i lost when playing my first games, the person i lost to was very nice about it and it taught me good sportsmanship. Also controlling anger and remaining calm in a stressful situation.

  29. Well said!!! Chess curriculums need to be in schools! Thankfully there are companies like The Knight School that are making this happen!

  30. How often should you play or practice to see benefits?

  31. There is a lot of pseudoscience in this video.

  32. A lot of comments talk about kids and schools, but older beginners at chess can just study techniques to tap into the subconscious. The reason little kids pick up on things is because they're constantly in a theta state, deeper into subconscious (which controls 95% of what we do) than alpha (which occurs during meditation, prayer, rolling eyes up without hurting). If you habitually tell yourself (out loud or silently) to pick up on things in chess games that surprise you, tell yourself "more and more and more every game," especially if you imagine the feeling of pleasant surprise, you'll see results. Don't struggle to do it, just trust that it'll happen, that other aspects of you are making it happen behind the scenes without you trying. Repitition is a key component of subconscious program. Also, if you tell yourself as you're going to bed and as soon as you wake up. The state when not fully asleep, but starting to dream a little is very powerful, but anytime with eyes closed and/or rolled up is good.

  33. Not going to happen woth feminists running things.

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