Hikaru’s Hot Takes on the Ten Best Chess Players of All Time

Hikaru reviews chess.com’s list of the ten best chess players of all time:

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  1. Tal beat Kasparov even without training when he came out of the hospital. He may be.

  2. Σωτήριος Αναγνωστόπουλος says:

    Personal opinion but just the fact that Kasparov had one tenth of the resources of Magnus today and they still can be compared head to head shows why he is undisputably the greatest !

  3. Morphy is so hard to quantify he clearly understood the game better than his contempories. Had a love hate relationship with the game and despised professionalism. Did he achieve his peak? Would he have tried to understand it better if given access to modern resources? I don't think Morphy reached the level of play his intelect made him capable of, nor do I think he studied the game after he returned from Europe. He was a gentleman who wished to be a legal professional for the respect and viewed being a chess professional as being bellow him. Although he would play for honour or to be good company as a guest or hoste. Morphy is a Legend of his time who was not pushed to his limits in chess.

  4. Where the hell is sultan khan (he beaten capablanka)

  5. You mean the Tal that tied for first against Kasparov on his death bed? That Tal? Surely not top 10.

  6. I like how he read the line about Kasparov training that GM H.N. like it was a standard bit of news copy.

  7. I would like to see the top 20 players of today and have them all travel back in time to play against Paul Morphy. How would they do against him? Somebody should make a movie about this.

  8. Lets be real if Tigran was alive today, Hikaru would be licking his behind like he does vishy's

  9. Does world champion gets weaker as they aged or the competition gets tougher?

  10. There is a difference between best player and strongest player , best player maybe Kasparow or Magnus but the strongest player was Bobby Fischer no doubt about it

  11. Fischer was romantic in chess 🏆♟

  12. 100% agree with.. as much as I like Tal’s games he’s not top 10.. his sacrifices are sexy but they are not the high grade continuations

  13. I think Kramnik is in the top ten because he beat Kasparov. Anand could never have beaten Kasparov in a match and it could be argued would never have been champion if Kasparov hadn't retired in 2005.

  14. No way kasparov first and karpov fifth,kasparov needed the longest series of matches ever to beat karpov

  15. Bro i dont need you to read some article to me..

  16. Hikaru is not a champion of the World rapid, so, yeah, XD

  17. Bobby Fisher has to be the most overrated player in the history of chess right? Basically whenever he’d lose he would make up a bunch of ridiculous excuses as to why he can’t play and everyone thinks he’s the greatest of all time just cause he had two perfect matches In an age where everyone was way worse at chess than they are now

  18. Great review by GM Hikaru, who is super GM himself ……. Agree with him and many comments, Paul Morphy and Vishy Anand should be in the top 10.

    There are many great unique great players that was unfortunately never get the world champion crown, but their playing style were so dynamic and fun to watch, one of them is Rashid Nezhmetdinov who never even got the GM title, but his aggresive playing style, for common people like me, is so fun to watch

  19. I believe fischer will beat magnus 8-4 in 12 games

  20. I'll put it this way, no matter who we are talking about, no player from before like the 80's should even be considered for this list. If we are talking best chess players of all time, their skill level for the time doesn't mean anything. All that matters is their skill level directly compared to the greatest chess players of all time. Meaning magnus should 100% be at the top of this list and, for example, Morphy shouldn't even be considered.

  21. The top 10 if it was up to Reddit:

    10. Ben Finegold
    9. Tiger Petrosian (but the PiPi pampers one)
    8. Agadmator
    7. Eric Rosen
    6. Beth Harmon
    5. Alexandra Botez
    4. Garry Chess
    3. GMHikaru
    2. Magnus Carlsen
    1. Levy Rozman

  22. Anyone who writes Anand is not in the top 10 list, ought to get his head checked up.

  23. The article is nonsense, they put Kramnik and didn't put Anand when Anand defeated Kramnik in a match and Kramnik has literally said that Anand is the greatest player of their generation.

  24. Anand should be ahead of Karpov IMO, Anand faced Kasparov and Carlsen at their peaks(evidenced by their ratings). But with Karpov, Anand has beat him with 10-5 in classical. 1998 wcc was rigged by all means, yet Anand managed to tie in classical. 1975 is not even a championship and FIDE being FIDE gave it to Karpov by default. At the age of 52 Anand dominated Carlsen in all 3 formats(blitz, classical, armageddon) in Norway chess 2022.

    Adding this to the fact that Anand came from India, with no good coaches or resources, no computers in 1980's, he was the first non soviet union player to dominate the world of chess after fischer.

  25. Morphy is number one for sure. Even Fischer would agree.

  26. People need to realize that it took 20 years before Kasparov reached Fischer's rating level. And Fischer quit playing chess at the age of 29. That is why Fischer is the greatest, next to Morphy.

  27. Hikaru, your first metric is the best. Domination over peers in their time period. Duration has nothing to do with it. #1 Morphy #2 Fischer

  28. It’s aluhk-eye-n, not alli-eh-kin.

  29. The problem with these perennially popular lists is that the criteria is a subjective blending of various aspects and considerations which defies an agreed upon formula. That said and acknowledged, I'll have a go:
    1) Magnus Carlsen
    2) Garry Kasparov
    3) Bobby Fischer
    4) Anatoly Karpov
    5) Paul Morphy
    6) José Raúl Capablanca
    7) Emanuel Lasker
    8) Viswanathan Anand
    9) Mikhail Botvinnik
    10) Vladimir Kramnik

  30. I think Morphy is the most talented chess player to ever live. That's not exactly the point of this list, so I get it, but on pure talent alone I think he is unmatched. Even looking at his games, he's not just beating people: he's styling on them. We never even got to see his full potential.

  31. WHAT LMFAO? xQc isn’t top three? This list is clearly a joke.

  32. 1. Fischer
    2. Capa
    3. Magnus
    8. Anand

  33. Alekhine is in my top5 his resuslts were way above the peers for some time

  34. Hikaru is number 1 on terrible name pronunciation

  35. Random comment in the chat, “Morphy was really good before he died.” Yeah, that’s kind of how it works.

  36. Now we need a top10 best coughing chess tournaments attendants.

  37. Is Morphy played today he'd be rated 3230 or something. Relative best, for an entire century.

  38. The guy in video is best US chess player in world? I looked it up. 😮

  39. To be fair, the GM and IM titles are inflated, and Magus is still undoubted No.1 for nearly 10 years. He casually crushed top 10 top 20 players in the world. This is so impressive. How is he not the best of all time?

    Magus often crushes Hikaru , and Hikaru is already a great player, and he knows their skill differences. How can Hikaru undermine Magus achievement.

  40. All 3 time controls
    Bullet be like: am I a joke to you?

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