Hikaru reacts to 2021 chess memes

Image credit to: u/Inflatabledartboard4
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  1. 5:45 checkmate h4 I also see this in Youtube Shorts 2 moves checkmate

  2. As someone who's gotten stalemate after stalemate after stalemate against a 700 Elo bot, the meme at 3:14 is relatable

  3. 2:00
    "Ooh, Capablanca Chess adds two new pieces! Sounds fun!"

  4. its so cute how he doesnt get most of em lol, God be with yall <333

  5. I feel like he didn' t understand any of the jokes

  6. it like he maxed out his intelligence in chess, and theres none left for normal human things

  7. I do bullet in case my baby cries. That way she only has to wait 2 minutes tops.

  8. what is the music you use for your outro/intro?

  9. i actually fell for that clickbait ngl

  10. When you blunder your life choices and now youre homeless:

  11. I definitely juiced the subscribe button after this

  12. Technically I’m better than Hikaru at chess 😅 since he never beat me

  13. at 5:53 i dont blame him for not finding it out right away should have been context for the kid

  14. 6:23 What do you mean french movie? That’s a Pixar short. With a character from Toy Story.

  15. Hikaru watching memes:nice picture
    Everyone: he a little confused but he got the spirit.

  16. U seriously didn't get the arrows,🤣

  17. Let this man laugh for 10 hours, I will watch for 10 hours

  18. I am nearly at his level I mean I beat Martin with 30 blunders 15 mistakes and 3 missed wins

  19. 2:34 when I use wayward queen trap and take the rook but accidentally hang my queen

  20. "Yes swiss cheese is just so bad"
    "Yeah so bad"

  21. after seeing the meme at 5:37 and after reading it 10 times i still havent understood it

  22. Hikaru is exactly how I imagine a chess champion

  23. god should patxh an update to make GMs. have an aura around them

  24. hikaru : swiss cheese is so bad
    *proceeds to eat the sandwitch*

  25. Does Hikaru have a discord chat for subscribers

  26. hahahaha when he doesn't realize jokes and i do, and i barely ever playhed chess, damn hikaru is so entertaining

  27. “Its doggy coin or something”

    It was at this moment that the world broke apart

  28. that swiss cheese ending was completely unexpected lmao
    also i love that hikaru is more of a boomer than me and i'm older lolol

  29. bro literally reads every letters in meme

  30. wtf

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