Hikaru Ranks Himself – Ranking the Legends and the GOATs Part 2 | Tier Maker: Greatest Chess Players

GM Hikaru Nakamura and IM Levy Rozman, aka @GothamChess discuss the games and rank the legends, goats and theorists from Nimzowich to Carlsen to Kasparov to Anand. They start Part 2 with The Warlord himself.

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  1. Mikhail Botvinik also contributed in Theoretical Co.puter science.

  2. Hikaru, buddy, you're great, but even to be Legend you should have at least once or twice been in #1 spot, no? Undisputed #1 means you have kept your #1 spot consistently.
    So "Great" tier is best we can do for you. OK, factor in the chess ambassador points we can bump you up to a pity Legend slot.

  3. Sultan Khan has a very intresting bio, he didn't play chess until he come as a servant to uk. He played a indian form of chess before, and thats why they let him try to play the game. Without reading starting late and getting to the top of the world makes it a great story.

  4. Karpov and Lasker should definitely be one category higher.

  5. The top two ranks are kinda meaningless when people who were not #1 are rated god of chess. Judit is rated way too high. Women don't need female chess players to be inspired. It's a sad statement of society that we have been trained to think that way. We assume that men are typically doing more important things than women, which just isn't true.

  6. Hikaru I am a great fan and an even greater now! Also so glad you understood that though you are a chess internet celebrity, you are still not among the gods of chess. Respect to you.

  7. Anatoly Karpov
    — 12th world chess champion,
    — 3 x FIDE world champion,
    — 2 x World Chess Teams Champion member,
    — 6 x champion of Chess Teams Olympiads as a member,
    – then CONSISTENTLY within top two players (regardless of chess organisation) for decades,
    – the most prolific chess TOURNAMENT CHAMPION IN HISTORY! He holds over 160 titles (!) while the second-best barely has 100. Karpov is 50% more prolific tournament player than anyone in history.
    – first time fell below the world top 100 rank .. after 40 years (!) of holding the GM title.
    All this shows superior consistency, that no other player in chess history has matched.

  8. I sac all my pieces to get winning positions like morphy… is that bad?

  9. The chat after the 3 month sub got banned has my sides in orbit. I fucking love twitch chat of great moderating streamers 😂😂
    Edit: «Pythagoras God of Chess?» Hoooly shit, I’m struggling not to get lightheaded.

  10. Omg the hikaru part was soooo bad I was dying of cringe

  11. everyone who primed at the same era as kasparov and magnus should automatically be at the unlucky tier 😅

  12. shame for not having Nona Gaprindashvili on the list !

  13. Would have liked to have seen John Cochrane on the list. While never one of the greatest players, his contribution to chess theory is just ridiculous.

  14. putting Tarrash as Theorist because Hikaru didn't like his book its like a spit on face of this great player

  15. Wow, did not know Brennan's was Paul Morphy's house. Been there many times. Inventors of the bananas foster!

  16. No Maurice Ashley???? First black GM, talk about doing things for chess…

  17. Hikaru should be at legend. Levy is so sucking Hikaru off here. I’m a Hikaru fan btw, but I’m just practical. Influence in YouTube should not be a criteria, actual achievement in chess should be the only criteria. If we go by Levy’s logic then botez sisters should be in god tier lol.

  18. Tal is definitely one of the absolute best!🇱🇻

  19. My IQ is about 25 points higher than either one of these guys, and I'm a complete fucking moron at chess.

  20. Hikaru on the god list felt like the clown & soldiers meme 😂😂😂

  21. Not a competitive match and just a friendly one..

    But Judit even beat Magnus Carlson…

  22. Hate the superiority complex hikaru seems to have over levy 😒 Andml likewise the inferiority complex levy exudes around Hikaru aswell… makes it feel like he can't adequately express his opinions

  23. The whole history around the Polgar sisters is just such so fantastic. Would have loved to see Susan as well.

  24. Judith being god of chess for the impressive reason of having XY chromosomes..lets be real here, her over the board result are amazing for sure, however a lot worse than all the others in that tier. Rating her god of chess because shes a woman is just as clownish as not rating her well because shes a women…so if you take away this akward factor..maybe deserved legend?

  25. Bobby and Tal god of chess! that's all to see. thank you

  26. Champions of Chess is kind of like the 100m bullet and marathon, classical chess. But where as WR times are the standard of greatness is absolute values chess involves memory from opening theory to vieing for a superior middle game position to endgame calculations. But there is also a gambling aspect of-game theory, gambits, traps and straight up luck where one makes a blunder while opponent then makes a bigger blunder. With all that said Chess is basically a game of what works. Chess at the highest level today is more refined than ever before as is evidenced by the hours of play, practice, study that has been built on what came before. finding and staying on the strongest line is the meta in a game with (near)infinite possibilities.

  27. Greatest chess players of all time currently:
    1. Stockfish



    5, Some egoistic people playing chess game…

  28. For me, I think Rashid Nezhmetdinov and Sultan Khan should be in Great + Unlucky..

  29. It's sad to see the CMT section and those live chats.

  30. Polgar is way too high +
    she is at your level, my master Hikaru ":(
    not even better than Karpov :{ _

    only Magnus and Kasparov that 1 level ahead!
    Anand come to the second tier with Bobby Fisher

  31. This is how the list should go –>

    God of Chess: Magnus Carlsen and Kasparov
    Undisputed: Karpov, Fisher, Anand
    Legend: Botvinnik, Mikhail Tal, Kramnik
    Great Lucky: Hikaru Nakamura, Judit Polgar, Capablanca, Morphy, Lasker
    Great Unlucky: Alekhine, Fabi, Spassky, Topalov, Petrosian

  32. karpov: "he was No 2 for 20 years. So let's put him in "undisputed No 1"
    wait whaT?

  33. Karpov: is definetely one of those "god of chess". Especially while Anand, Polgar and Hikaru himself there occupying the place 🙂

  34. We always hear about so-and-so from history playing against a modern player, but what if someone like Magnus or Hikaru were born during the time of Morphy, Capablanca or even Fischer? I think any of those old masters would wipe the floor with them.

  35. Can you do a personal ranking about these players, not about their recognitions or their impact to the game or history. But basically their gameplay, their tactics, decision making, opening to end game, attack and defense, creativity and other factors that affects the gameplay. Who beats who. Your very personal opinion. Bias or not, doesn't matter.

  36. Hikaru would've been World Champ countless times too if there's no Magnus Carlsen. They played in the same era, that's the case. But impact and gameplay he's definitely there in God tier too.

    Imagine Fischer and Carlsen played in the same era. One will always be better than the other. No matter how good the one is, if there's other player better than you, you'll never get the chip everytime. Either of them wouldn't have been World Champ or be considered GOAT of they played in the same era. That's what happened to Hikaru and Carlsen.

  37. this is obviously bs rankings how do you put nakamura a legend above someone like topalov ? topa is world champ and world number 1 elo for 2 years compared to him namakura is nobody

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