Hikaru plays Hustlers in Disguise in Washington Square Park

Hikaru checks out some famous Washington Square Park chess videos including one where he’s disguised as a can. Not even kidding here. A can.

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  1. This is hella random but I know that trumpet player, his name is Ryo Sazaki if anyone is interested

  2. Hikaru has this annoying habit of just repeating himself constantly…does my head in

  3. My man got paid to be a juicer

  4. Man I play chess every day, I'm about a 1500. If I play 3 games in a row, I've forgotten the first game by the time I get to the 3rd. Come evening, I've pretty much forgotten ALL the games. Hikaru remembers a random game in the park 13 yrs ago. GM's are not normal human beings.

  5. Remembering when i was 11 watching this for the first time was entertaining, but finding this out now that the can was hikaru is absolutely hilarious!

  6. cornbread if you’re out their hit me up i still got your tupperware

  7. "We are not gonna talk about that". Hhahaha

  8. Pretty sure that’s Gordon Au playing trumpet

  9. I watched this years ago and I could never figure it out until now. Thank you for putting my mind at ease after 20yrs 😂

  10. The legendary Cornbread lol. I've seen all his videos.

  11. So my first reaction looking at the title was. Why are these hustlers in disguise? Then I realized It should be: " A disguised Hikura or Hikaru, in disguise, plays hustlers in Washington square park." 😂

  12. 05:02 “how do I remember that? Because it was only 12 years ago”
    That must be a GM joke 😛 I don’t even remember what I ate yesterday… 😀

  13. "How do I remember? It was only twelve years ago; it's not that hard." – GMHikaru

    Is such a GMHikaru thing to say. 🙂

  14. You remember that because trauma is easy to remember.

  15. This is my favourite of all your videos I have seen

  16. It was an amp can until he starts playing, then it becomes a can of whoop-ass.

  17. Honestly, why does everyone act like remembering chess games from a few years ago is impressive. I remember every game i've ever played and I've been playing since 2 years of age. Im 46 for reference.

  18. I’m known from coast to coast like butter and toast, you ask anybody about Freddie Biscoe


  20. One does not simply forget losing a match in a simul dressed as a fucking can 12 years ago in a park

  21. If felt that guy, it's the story of my life.

    – Do you love chess?
    – Yes, I do!
    – Do you win?
    – Let us not talk about that.

  22. “Citrus park” lol he said “Central Park”; just bad auto captioning as usual.

  23. “It was only twelve years ago. It’s not that hard.”

    I can’t remember my opening from about 25 minutes ago.

  24. It's just early in the video, chilling and curious, and then came 0:36 like.. what is thatt, wow Hikaru was different man back then..

  25. "It was only 12 years ago

    it's not that hard "

    Me yesterday: Wtf did I eat for breakfast?

  26. They say that there are many unknown Masters who don't have the backing or charisma to be world-renowned.

  27. Can you go next time with a french fries costume?

  28. What I wouldn’t give to be as great as Hikaru.

  29. it was only 12 yrs ago, it's not that hard.
    me: can't even remember what I ate last night 🤣

  30. He remembers a chess game played 12 years ago and I can’t even remember if I already put shampoo in my hair or not

  31. Shoutout Cornbread! The kindest and most cunning player in all of Washington Square Park!! ❤

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