Hikaru Nakamura Premoves Entire Game to Defeat Magnus Carlsen | Chess.com

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Hikaru Nakamura premoves to Defeat Magnus Carlsen in all his moves on Chess.com. It’s just a meme, Magnus Carlsen can’t do such blunders in chess24 or chess.com so please don’t take it seriously.

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  1. you know you are predictable if this happens to you

  2. for those who think its real, look at 1:03 at the names it literally shows guest and a random person. Well edited tho

  3. Magnus moves pawn to e4 Hikaru:oh he blunder alright

  4. Hikaru's face after all this worked is precious lol

  5. Whoever says this is real, check the description

  6. for those of you who think this is too obvious, sort the comments by new.

  7. That isn't magnus carlson thats cagnus marlson

  8. Hikaru should have just walked out of the room after pre moving an entire game lol

  9. How to beat Hikaru: make a series of questionable moves that will lead to him premoving blunders instead of premoving checkmates

  10. Is this game real? I know it is not against Magnus Carlsen but did Hikaru win by premoving the entire game?

  11. Ik this is fake but a mate in 26 is still impressive

  12. Chess Carlsen% 1:05.1 WR

    I timed it from his first move to checkmate. Unfortunately, Hikaru didn’t premove the Rook to d8, meaning he lost 13.8 seconds for a checkmate.

  13. Me still trying to find the ball after he threw it

  14. Obviously fake, but also funny with carlsen reactions

  15. I just started Chess but gotta say this was impressive even for me

  16. of course this didn't happen against magnus but Hikaru is like: Opponent plays e4, Hikaru: Oh he blundered win win

  17. Final video xD
    You won by checkmate
    Guest64 0 – 1 markmellow5

    Nice magnus and hikaru 🙂

  18. 100.5/0.5
    I wonder if people get it but it's part of the video

  19. Bro predicted the prediction of the predicted that was predicted prediction

  20. P e6
    P d5/e4
    Kn1 d7
    Kn2 f6/e4
    Kn1 f6
    B2 e7
    Kn1 e4
    Q e7
    Castling left
    P f5
    R f6
    B1 d7/e8
    R1 d8
    P c5/d4
    R f7/f8
    Q c5/e5/d5/c5
    R d1

  21. I genuinely thought Hikaru premoving 20+ moves against Magnus Carlsen was real like he would straight up rage quit if it actually happened.

  22. He actually did this but not against Magnus, watch his Video about this topic

  23. You know its not real when you see magnus is up 100 games

  24. I see so many people who think this is real use this as an argument for Hikaru being the best in the world… once found a whole comment section citing this.

  25. Let's face it Magnus would never, under no circumstances, take so long to play his first move. But I must admit, it's hilarious XD

  26. I've seen this dumbass video so many times online be it YT, Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram etc. Why is this even circulating its literally fake as shit 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Now this has come too far. It was supposed to be a joke as it is fake. But now since everyone's posting, people will start to think that its real

  28. Opponent: 1d4
    Hikaru: Ha! He blunders, now it's easy checkmate in 50.

  29. this reminds me of that snoop dogg playing halo 3 clip

  30. The way you have edited this , Magnus' reaction timing of him realising he lost is perfect 😂😂

  31. 0:53 the editing is so good , even magnus' reaction of him realising he lost the game is on point. Makes this look so real.

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