Hikaru Nakamura Premoves Entire Game to Defeat Magnus Carlsen | Chess.com

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Hikaru Nakamura premoves to Defeat Magnus Carlsen in all his moves on Chess.com. It’s just a meme, Magnus Carlsen can’t do such blunders in chess24 or chess.com so please don’t take it seriously.

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  1. LOL look how hikaru is just so chill, that's why he's my fav chess player

  2. When your playing bullet mode and you have 0.50 milliseconds left:

  3. its fake. when hikaru wins it pops out there names and the win icon and the one is named guest and marshmellow5

  4. I tried this pre move game 2 years and still doesnt woork :((

  5. Bro really think he can just go around playing with grandmasters pre-moving them like this skull emoji🥱

  6. Lets be serius magnus would not blunder dxc5 it is an edit.

  7. As a representative of FIDE, I can confirm that this game is 100% real and it happened on 30 February 2022

  8. what no one noticed is magnus won 100 games, 1 game was drawn and then Hikaru won one game lol

  9. Bruh thats not hikaru and thats not a magnus

  10. you can see while he is supposedly "making the moves" its just a loop of hikaru smiling at the camera his arm isn't moving whatsoever

  11. I know its fake, but how did the person achieve this demonic charcuterie?😅

  12. It’s the small details like Magnus being up 100.5 to 0.5 and the ratings being 3260 for Magnus when he didn’t even play there yet and hikaru only being 2787.

    Just superb.

  13. These misleading videos must be erased from history

  14. absolutely stolen without credit but ok

    Ya me iba a ir, no se pq me se ocurrió ver los comentarios 😓

  16. 1:03 we can see us was a guest player against someone else still great editing

  17. I have no idea if it is actually possible to premove an entire game. Even if it were, given the respect of Hikaru for Magnus, he would never try. And actually he would be mated for sure. He would not even succed with me, since I would do a number of blunders that Even Hikaru cannot immagine. So many pieces would interfere with his plans…

  18. 26 moves, each in average with 6 possible replies, make the odd of it being real 1 against 6^26. Unless you agree the replies. Like winning the UK fist prize lottery 3 billion times in a row.

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