Hikaru Nakamura Beats 22 Chess Players in 7 Minutes

Hikaru Nakamura Beats 22 Chess Players in 7 Minutes!

GM Hikaru Nakamura (@GMHikaru) takes on the entire Chess.com company in a time-odds marathon in Mexico.

Can he defeat the entire staff of Chess.com? Watch to find out.

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  1. Yo this title is so disingenuous, they are fucking fast forwarding it.

  2. So they did a meeting to shake Hikarus hand?

  3. @GMHikaru Inspired me to take up chess at age 65 1/2

  4. Lol Hikaru has a tat! And of course it's a chess piece, wouldn't have thought of any other tat.

  5. All I can see is that their time is going fast and Hikaru's time almost not moving

  6. almost all the developers directly kicked on … 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Ah just look at them just casually shaking hands

  8. Hikaru was premoving all of the games when he was smiling at the camera 🤯

  9. Head of support needs crutches. That’s a bit ironic

  10. I never knew he had a pawn tattoo. It actually looks really well done and dope asf.

  11. It seems like I'm watching my sims playing chess,the pieces just move so quick I can't even tell the moves

  12. Now in the age of COVID seeing hikaru shaking everyone’s hands’ makes me think of how dirty it is after that many games.

  13. gm got nothing on juicer warlord

  14. Like how they are all are smiling while knowing that they will lose 100%

  15. I love how he’s on a time constraint and still takes the time to shake their hands before and after each game

  16. Too fast, no breakdown, no audio of friendly chatting and therefore no sounds of, ‘take the juicer’ feels bad…

  17. at the beginning hikaru looks like hes holding in laughter

  18. im only disappointed because i dont see a bongcloud anywhere

  19. People hiring magnus for the next opponent?

    XqC come here!

  20. Hikaru did not only beat 22 players, he did It with just a minute for each game

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