Hikaru doesn’t believe Levy can become a GM

Hikaru doesn’t believe Levy can become a GM. Says it’s like his own chance of becoming World Champion: possible but very unlikely

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  1. This is goddamn hilarious. Listening to anyone shit all over Levy never gets old. LoL

  2. I can't believe he said he won't win a world championship? Why not??!! Wasn't Wesley So #2 at one pt? One of the level competitors.

  3. Says the guy who cried when he lost a game of chess.
    No one would know who he was if he wasn't a streamer, he's there to job to the top players.

    "not realistic", he's desperate to keep hope, but he's not going to be world champion.

  4. Hikaru is right. I personally don't like Levy and don't like people who are not master at something but get famous.

  5. Hikaru just so annoying sometimes, literally nightmare blunt rotation.

  6. He will probably get an honorable GM title for his contributions to chess. So I disagree.

  7. Bro just checkmated his opponent while talking

  8. The fact nakamura was a draw away from playing for the world championship is crazy looking back at this video


  10. Oh yeah. What if…..


  11. Hikaru has the experience and ability for a valid opinion, but i hope he understands that beliefs are just farts in the wind…so.. fart all you like Hicky 'cos i'm standing upwind.

  12. If anyone is mad at the opinion levy himself has stated that he panics when going against high players and blunders and that is something he wants to improve on

  13. From time to time we gotta a little prick as Word Champion who believe chess is a gift from the heaven, a predic to genius minds and the speech "the harsh truth". Luckily for us we are not in this times and Magnus is a humble and gifted Word Champion. 🙂 Go GM Gotham!

  14. He's not wrong, Levy even knows he gets in his own head too much because he respects the GM title so much, he mentally decides he's lost before he started

  15. I don't think that proves he'll never become a GM. I think that proves that he has stuff to work on. Give the guy a chance he is actually very good at chess and he is doing a lot for the chess community. I appreciate and respect the honest opinion though.

  16. Hikaru talking about anything : ☝️🤓

  17. This analysis is quite impressive, considering it's exactly the same as what Levy says about himself.

  18. I think Levy is technically strong enough to be a GM. He just has to play his GM matches as if they were just another game.
    Millions of his fans are rooting for him, as he had done so much for the chess community.
    The phenomenon of not playing your best, or not being aggressive enough when in awe of your opponent is well established.

  19. Although Hikaru's opinion is probably correct, I still believe Levy does have what it takes to become a GM at some point in his life. Looking for a draw didn't get him to 2700 ELO.

  20. Levy is however, likely the paramount chess teacher today. The best teachers are often not the best of the best, but are the ones who instinctively know the struggles of learning the game.

  21. Pretty bad delivery. Someone as intelligent as Levy certainly has a chance of getting the GM title. Providing constructive criticism is a lot more useful.

  22. That’s ok if he doesn’t make it cause he’s a choker Gotham is a fun teacher

  23. If Levy wants to be a GM, he needs to give up youtube for a good while and train and prepare intensively as well as doing as many tournaments as possible. Thats the only way to do it. He can’t be posting as frequently as he is and putting out good content whilst also training at an intensity to become a GM.
    Then again not everyone wants to become a GM either. Its not exactly a fun life. I can picture creating chess content as a solid IM being more enjoyable than being a GM for most. You just gotta pick your poison and prepare for the whatever you choose

  24. So, basically it is an emotional thing holding him back, not his actual chess ability. It is possible that his nerves might improve and he'd make it – even if he doesn't, he's still a superb player and fantastic teacher.

  25. Hikaru the type of person that excuses being an asshole by saying "I'm just speaking my mind"'

  26. i mean he is good at chess, better than most of commenters or what ever including me, becoming a gm is just not beneficial compared to him analyzing gm games while getting millions of view on each video, like chess players don't get money for playing chess .

  27. It's funny cause he had a very good shot at becoming world champion had he come 2nd instead of third in the candidates

  28. April 1, 2022, Levy Rozman also known as @GothamChess has been awarded the GM title.

  29. 1 year later, Ding becomes world champion after pipping Hikaru to 2nd place at the candidates match. 😂😢

  30. GM is only a title. I mean no disrespect to GMs, it's an amazing achievement. Levy has achieved something to be more proud of in my opinion. Just basing your worth on some title is a path straight to depression.

  31. It's funny because Hikaru had a legitimate shot at being WC.

  32. We want a Tal, a Fischer, a Morphy. Aggressive play and tactics is way more interesting than principled games that draw, we can watch computers for that

  33. Will Levy even make a push for GM? Anyone knows?

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