Hikaru Checkmates with a Rook & Knight


  1. Me Who doesn't know about The Chase 😆

  2. White: loose🤍
    Chinky 😂 :win 🎎🧧

  3. He is faster than my eye blinking 🗣️

  4. What chess game was this? Also who was Hikaru's opponent? Reply pls!

  5. Bro slaped timer in 99 languages

  6. Wow, if you pay close attention he used the king as the main charge of the attack. King trapped king.

  7. Some comment said Chess grandmasters burn as much calories as an athlete. That study has been proven to be false. A chess player came up with the study and the results haven’t been replicated. Meaning the study is a farce and poor excuse for him to play chess

  8. sounds like a dang sniper rifle
    shots and chamber

  9. This feels like a normal human watching a dbz fight 😂

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