Hikaru and Magnus Analyze The Queens Gambit

Hikaru and Magnus analyze the game played by Beth Harmon at the conclusion of The Queens Gambit

Source video: Magnus Carlsen Breaks Down Harmon vs Borgov From The Queen’s Gambit

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  1. Hikaru never wanted to beat magnus, he just wanted a hug

  2. I thought this was about the actual QG opening. I am disappointed and my day is ruined.

  3. 1:20 "And uhh all his pieces are uhh pretty"
    – Carlos Magnuson

  4. Magnus roasting the "villain" of a chess focused tv-show is just so amusing.

  5. I love how magnus took this 100% seriously. I don't think he meant to be funny but he was hilarious.

  6. Going to need a hug to get through that lawsuit

  7. Δαμιανός Δαλασσηνός says:

    Cut Borgov some slack, it wasn't his fault, he had to become suddenly stupid and make amateurish mistakes because the writer wanted the girl to win.

  8. First half of video:this shit is good
    Second half of video:Borgov plays shit

  9. this is a really brilliant addition to Magnus' reactions – Hikaru going over the positions/options the use of the graphic is really interesting for those of us wanting to follow the chess. 🙂

  10. what makes it even funnier is the fact that i don't think Magnus was even trying to be funny.

  11. small point —I don't think you have the faintest clue how to use a full-colon

  12. Look at the pace with Hikaru and with Magnus talk😆😆😇

  13. "Hikaru and Magnus Analyze" more like: Hikaru Alalyzing Magnus Analyzing The Queens Gambit".

  14. 95% of what he says goes over my head. Just staying because of fascination

  15. Magnus: says something
    Hikaru: "This is absolutely true what Magnus is saying"

  16. I am a beginner but at 10:50 knight to h4 then in next move queen to g3 would save right?

  17. Should have been titled, "Borgov got roasted by 2 grand masters."

  18. Magnus should do a video review of this video… 😁

  19. I see so many comments on Chess videos saying "I wanted to learn after watching Queens Gambit" and I'm here like "I want to learn chess… what is Queens Gambit?"

  20. The move that Borgov makes that Magnus says is a mistake and should never happen is actually the best move according to Stockfish 👀

  21. Magnus: "Say Something"
    Me: I don't get it🤣
    Hikaru: I got you man😉
    Also Hikaru: I agree… so basically…….

  22. To all new chess players please watch this video if you have watched Queen's Gambit before… absolutely hilarious why chess is such a misunderstood game

  23. I hear you and Magnus are in Kazakhstan competing, we going to get the hug video of you two from there?🤣

  24. the fact she seing the piece on the ceiling is just for the audience, show would be boring if we only looked at someone seing the board in her head so for 30 secs she doesnt do anything but think

  25. The series sucks ass.
    Nothing for a casual viewer was ever explained or taught. QG is shit.

  26. "The pieces are not there on the ceiling, they are just in my head" 💀

  27. 8:48 what's up with these over the top laughs? its not that funny, you really look the fool at times. doesn't even make sense..

  28. Anish giri after winning the Tata steel – who makes draws once again 🤔?

  29. 8:24 Surprising this continuity error slipped through in the final scene with the queen on c3 and the bishop on d3. Unless there’s some magical way a dark squared bishop can move to a light square.

  30. @14:12 actually here was a draw 😀 this Queen E8 is the biggest blunder in this game

  31. You two should just collab already. yall would make great friends.

  32. the queen's gambit is what you get when you take the phrase "stockfish on the ceiling" too literally.

  33. Just because borgov hugging beth isnt realistic doesnt mean it wasnt natural for the show and circumstances

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