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  1. Plot twist levy's number 1 ( made before watched)

  2. yeah make a video about the bobby fischer match!

  3. Please please make the bobby match video

  4. make some historical chess vids — they always seem to do well for you

  5. Top 10ers in chess actually make lot more than top 10ers in 70-80% of olympic sports . Considering chess doesn't monetize via live tv because you can see the live board position on app for free

  6. Please Levy do a video about Novi Grad 90's, Fischer Vs Spassky 2! Amazing match

  7. Bobby Fischer went a bit insane near the end of his life. Also the whole Nazi ideology. That guy had something wrong with him.

  8. I'm surprised hikaru isn't #1 because he's a streamer and ytber

  9. The problem with this historical comparison is not accounting for inflation. $10k in 1900 would be over $300k today

  10. this obviosly wrong as hikaru have 50mil kappa

  11. I didn't even know Fischer and Spassky did a rematch lol

  12. If you look at Vishy’s resume, it’s actually not shocking at all😂 with all the candidates and world championship games plus elite tournaments.

  13. Wow ! That’s how much money I can make !!
    To bad I’m only 600

  14. Another comment asking for a video/series on that bobby fischer match!

  15. Of course anand has made more money, he has been a top player for as long as magnus has been alive

  16. Your click bait is actually impressive. Putting Hikaru 3rd on your thumbnail but not labeling him 3rd. I respect the internal hustle

  17. I like to imagine the 10$ on Anand is some rando paying him for a match

  18. As I understood, it only accounts for tournament winnings, not the general income

  19. It is shocking but of course endorsements and sponsors so who knows!

  20. I was waiting for him to say: "I made more than them"

  21. By the time Magnus gets to Vishy's current age he will have long overtaken him. The only question is, will some young upstart overtake Magnus by then?

  22. It's not that shocking, actually – Vishy is still active, and has a 20 year headstart. Also, the prize funds of the WC matches are lower than they were in Kasparov – Karpov days.

  23. Ig thats only money from matches, magnus has made waaaay more money with the play magnus group

  24. It is not shocking Vishy made more, because he has been playing at top level for so looooooooooong.
    Although Magnus has won every single significant achievement and is the GOAT, he is still relative young and very far from retirement, if he wish to play on.

  25. The rematch Fischer x Spassky had a stake of 5 million dollars.

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